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We find that 56.1 respondents are thinking that quality help in building good brand image Quality is the main reasons that help in building good brand image Communication strategy competitive pricing good value-added services also important but mostly consumers are thinking in today's scenario that quality help in building good brand image We find that 51 respondents are attracted to purchase the branded products because of the attribute of brand name Brand name is the main reason in today's scenario to attract the consumers Mostly customers are affected because of attribute brand name We find that 43 9 respondents are agreeing that brand name influence on the purchasing decision 33 7 are strongly agreed and 18 4 are disagreeing but mostly consumers are agreeing that brand name influencing their purchasing decision And brand name at the time of purchase influences their purchasing decision We find that 46 9 respondents are disagreeing that branded products are better than unbranded products They show their negative attitude towards branded products and with that their buying behavior is also negatively affected And these consumers are thinking that branded products not always better Majority of disagreeing are more

They are thinking that sometimes unbranded products are better than branded products We find that 60 2 respondents are agree to switch their brand preferences if get some promotional schemes from another brand And customers are agreeing to switch another brand if some good schemes they offer and other benefits So more customers giving preferences to promotional and good schemes benefits that are why they switch their brand preferences to another brand We find that 56 1 respondents are agreeing to follow brand on social networking sites In today's scenario customers are to follow brands on social networking sites like email Google twitter instagram etc in comparison to old scenario We find that in today's scenario customers are aware about the new brand and their products We find that 57 1 respondents are agreeing that brand provides self esteem We find that in today's scenario customers prefer more branded products And brand provides self esteem that's why they encourage purchasing branded products Customers feel confident about the brand and their purchased products So it provides customers confidence encouragement and excitement about the brand and their products We find that 61 2 respondents are agree that company sponsorship help them building a stronger brand Because company sponsoring agencies and companies help them to promote their brand Normally we find that the young consumers were prefer branded products but in today's scenario The males and females both prefer the branded products for various reasons especially in these groups like cosmetics clothes consumable goods etc

CONCLUSION In conclusion we can say that brand influence the consumers regarding buying decision This study explores the new implications to the producers related to brand The influence of brands on customer purchasing decision is very effective today So it is the necessity of hour to focus on the role of a brand which influences the consumers regarding selection of a particular product The organizations have opportunity to grow up faster with the industry growth The companies also have an alternate to tie up with the foreign brands to increase their market size with the collaborations through FDI FDI helps the organizations to promote their brand name in the market This study explores that brand is a factor that influence the consumers while purchasing so companies needs to focus on brands to improve and satisfy the customers In future these factors will become the power of the company in attracting the customers towards purchasing their products In conclusion we can say that there is necessity of time to focus on the role of brand The manufacturer and the companies need to focus on role of brand and to connect the consumers with brand And to launch new products that also satisfy the needs of low income level groups which cannot afford the expensive products So low priced branded products also launched by the company Companies have to improve on these factors and to satisfy the customers Bibliography 1 Abdurrahman ISIK M F 2015 Effects of Brand on Consumer Preferences A Study in Turkmenistan 8 16 Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics 141 142 2 NEYATI AHUJA N February 2015 Effect of Branding On Consumer Buying Behaviour A Study in Relation to Fashion Industry 3 2 International Journal of Research in Humanities Social Sciences 2347 5404 3 Fatima Sarwar 1 M A n d The Impact of Branding on Consumer Buying Behavior International Journal of Technology and Research 54 56 4 Henrieta Hrablik Chovanováa A I 2015 Impact of Brand on Consumer Behavior 34 Procedia Economics and Finance 615 616 5 Bhuvan Lamba INFLUENCE OF BRANDS ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR 2 11 NATIONAL MONTHLY REFEREED JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN COMMERCE MANAGEMENT 28 33 6 Md Mazedul Islam M M March 2014 CUSTOMER PERCEPTIONS IN BUYING DECISION TOWARDS BRANDED BANGLADESHI LOCAL APPAREL PRODUCTS 10 7 European Scientific Journal 483 485 7 Syed Tabrez Hassan B H April 2014 A STUDY OF CUSTOMER PERCEPTION OF YOUTH TOWARDS BRANDED FASHION APPARELS IN JALANDHAR CITY 5 2 ELK ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF MARKETING AND RETAIL MANAGEMENT 1 8 Ulas Akkucuk J E 2016 The Impact of Brands on Consumer Buying Behavior An Empirical Study on Smartphone Buyers 5 4 Journal of Research in Business and Social Science 1 5 9 Sankar S M 2006 Consumer Perception of Global vs Local Brands The Indian Car Industry 10 Rajput N Kesharwani S and Khanna A 2012 Consumers Attitude towards Branded Apparels Gender Perspective International Journal of Marketing Studies Vol 4 No 2 pp 111 120

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