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INTRODUCTION As we all know bullying is becoming a daily problem and occurs in all schools but its importance and welfare is questionable Sometimes we bear in mind why does a child tend to become a bully and what emotional effect have these action at other childrens Well this question does not have a simple response although on one hand it can be studied as a normal and typical developmental action on the other it can be considered as a serious source of emotional stress and physical issue Different people abuse for different reasons like some people find it a good way to get satisfaction in this way because they do not feel good with themselves and by making others feel bad it will bring them pleasure some others abuse because they want to show others who is the leader and to be in the center of attention while others are abusing because the families they live in are tolerant of violence However bullying behaviors are indicative of the fact that those who exercise bulling do not know how to control and manage their aggressiveness Victims on the other hand do not speak because they feel helpless and think that by speaking they would make the situation worst In this way tend to be in a bad emotional state and suffer from depression The consequences of bullying in children who are in the role of the victims are mental problems children who have fallen prey to bullying have higher risk of depression anxiety insomnia lack of confidence and thoughts of self injury to suicide 

They also tend to have bad grades in the lesson they may be afraid to go to school or get high scores They find one way of leaving classes Unfortunately another cause is use of substances drugs they tend to be more vulnerable to the use of alcohol or other drugs The last but not the least is violence many of the children who have fallen prey display violence to others A prior study which was made about the relationship between psychosocial personality disorder and victims found a vigorous association with part of depression rather than with apprehension solitude or general confidence It focused on children 12 and 17 and the result was quite surprising A high level of being a victim resulted in low physical health for both genders so boys and girls and low mental health for girls moreover was found that boys between 11 and 15 had an increased level of depression as adults METHODS In this research paper I wanted to further study the causes and effects of bullying For this purpose I based my answers on a questionnaire 1 for the ones who perform bullying and 2 to judge the level of victimization In this questionnaire were 50 participants where 55 were female and 45 were males 1 The questions for the first part included where Have you done something intentionally to upset another person Have you ever battering someone Have you ever removed somebody from a social group Have you spoken in a non friendly way to another person online Have you ever taken somebody's things in order to upset them Have you ever spread some gossip news about somebody 2 In the second part the participants were questioned 1

For what reason you have been bulled 2 What impact did the bullying have on you RESULTS In this part I would show the results of the questionnaire For the first part of the questionnaire I came to the conclusion that 35 of the students 58 male and 42 female have done something intentionally in order to upset others 23 of the students 64 male and 36 female have been battering others 22 of the students 82 male and 22 female have removed somebody from a social group 32 of the students 59 male and 41 female have spoken in a non friendly way to another person online 10 of the students 73 male and 27 female have taken somebody's things in order to upset them and 14 of the students 57 male and 43 female have spread some gossip news about somebody For the second part first question participants claimed that 51 were judged from their appearance 42 were bullied from their interests and hobbies 20 were bullied from high grades at school 16 were bullied from household incomes 16 were bullied because also his friend or some member of his family were bullied 16 were bullied from low grades at school 12 were bullied from their disabilities 11 were bullied from their race 6 were bullied from their cultural identity and religion For the second question participants claimed more than 22 suffer from depression and anxiety because they have been bullied and more than 12 had suicidal thoughts and has done crucial actions to themselves 

CONCLUSION From the above results unfortunately bullying is very widespread in our society and the most engaged people seem to be male All children especially adolescents are affected by this issue and for this reason we should find a way in order to stop degradation of this phenomenon One solution would be through work and collaboration between parents and teachers If parents have a suspicion of bullying over their child they should immediately inform the teachers And vice versa if teachers notice cases of physical and psychological violence among their students then they should have immediate meetings with their parents Even if their children that are victims of bullying are not expressive of their feeling parents should be able to notice something is going wrong Another way to reduce the effects of bullying is to help the victims engage in social gatherings or different activities and also have meetings with psychologists

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