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This document outlines the steps required to operate Molina Healthcare Long Beach in the event of an unanticipated interruption of normal operations This document will outline the assumptions Business Continuity plan details Emergency Action Plan and also Alternate site locations Assumptions The plan will be implemented if operating systems are unavailable for 48 hours Molina management and Facilities will provide temporary space for critical staff Molina s Technical Support will provide technical assistance for temporary location Molina s Telecommunications will have phone lines available in temporary location Equipment can be rented or otherwise acquired as needed Molina s Technical Support can restore files from the latest off site back ups Plan Distribution and Awareness The BCP is located on the Business Continuity SharePoint for Molina staff to review and maintain awareness The plan is printed onsite and at corporate in hardcopy form The plan is exercised annually by conducting tabletop exercises in coordination with IT exercises and actual incidents The following risks below are identified as the most probable threats to Molina Healthcare caused by internal external natural or man made hazards as well as operational and financial risks which could impact the ability to conduct business as usual 

These vulnerabilities will then applied to a list of business processes to determine tangible impacts to the organization if a business function could not be performed due to some type of disruption HVAC Failure Loss of Sensitive Records or Data Terrorism Theft Burglary Robbery Embezzlement Tropical Storm Hurricane Disclosure of Sensitive Information Flooding External Environmental Loss of Key Staff Wild fire Aviation Mass Transit Disaster Cyber Crime IT Vandalism Earthquake Equipment Failure Excluding IT Hardware IT Applications Failure Critical Business functions and their impacted IT applications with Projected Recovery time DEPARTMENT BUSINESS FUNCTION RECOVERY TIME CRITICAL SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS Analytics Analytics and Reporting 0 24 Hours QNXT SQL Server 2008 R2 SQL Server BIDS MS office Web Browser Compliance Fraud Waste and Abuse 0 24 Hours Standard computer applications IntegriLink program maintained by Global Compliance vendor MS Outlook Desktop Support Technical Support 0 24 Hours Altiris Deployment Console Finance Finance 0 24 Hours QNXT JDE Molina Financials Government Contracts File and store all plan correspondence with regulatory agencies and health plan partners including tasks and follow up to HHSC requests 0 24 Hours sharepoint and standard computer applications including SharePoint Healthcare Services Administrative Support 0 24 Hours QNXT CareAdvance Encoder Pro InterQual SharePoint Outlook Phone Pharmacy Phone Queue More than 5 Days Cisco Supervisor Desktop Cisco Agent Desktop CUIC Cisco VPN Pharmacy Prior Authorizations More than 5 Days Caremark Client Online Services RxClaim Client Access CAS TexasVendorDrug com ICD9 Website 

Molina Website Molina SharePoint Cisco VPN UMK2 QNXT Cisco Agent Desktop Cisco IP Phone Clinical Pharmacology Emergency Action Plan The following tasks is started with the onset of a crisis situation emergency outage or pandemic This information is to be used within the first 30 minutes of responding to any type of incident For any life threatening emergency first contact 911 9 911 from a Molina telephone This would include the following Fire Smoke Medical Emergency Treats or acts of violence including suspicious letters packages or bomb threats Utility outage disruption such as a known or suspected gas leak active electrical arcing significant water sewer line break Refer to the emergency procedures for additional guidance After initial emergency actions have been taken the staff member should notify their supervisor to contact a member of the Molina Healthcare Long Beach Incident Management Team IMT In the event of the following disasters the following activities need to be performed Severe Weather Remove loose items from walls desks credenzas and bookshelves Obtain boxes and plastic wrap bags to store books desk materials and to protect PCs and other equipment DO NOT place electronic equipment on the floor Turn off or disconnect all office machines computers radios calculators soda machines coffee makers etc in accordance with recommended equipment safeguards of the company Do not use the elevators If in transit within the building seek shelter in a core area such as a restroom or stairwell Fire Smoke In case you discover a fire in the building follow the steps listed below Activate the nearest emergency fire alarm pull station Evacuate personnel from the building DO NOT USE ELEVATORS IN ANY BUILDING Use the stairs to evacuate Call 911 do not rely on the fire alarm system to call for help Notify

the Incident Management Team if you can safely make that call without endangering your own welfare Assist those requiring special assistance to evacuate and or notify first responders of persons needing assistance Assemble at the designated assembly area Conduct a headcount and report staff status to management The Incident Management Team The Molina Healthcare Incident Management Team IMT is a group of operational leaders with the authority and ability to make decisions about mitigating an incident for the organization The Business Continuity team will provide training for IMT members on their roles and responsibilities The Incident Management Team uses the Hospital Incident Command System HICS Positions in the Hospital Incident Command System do not necessarily coordinate to a person's position in the company The local IMT should be notified when there is an incident or potential incident that will impact the organization's ability to continue business or affect patient care These may include any emergency incident listed above major incident media relations or notification of potential incidents Potential incidents can include a known weather event such as flooding hurricane snow storm blizzard or epidemic pandemic Alternate work locations for business unit recovery have been identified as Molina Healthcare San Pedro Location 222 W Sixth St San Pedro 90731 562 375 8001 Molina Healthcare Hughes Way Location 1501 Hughes Way Long Beach 90804 562 375 1788 Molina Healthcare WTC Location One World Trade Center Long Beach 90802 562 375 1500

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