Essay Example on By June 14th 1940 Nazi Germany had taken over France Belgium Holland









By June 14th 1940 Nazi Germany had taken over France Belgium Holland and Luxembourg As a result of these monumental victories for Hitler Great Britain knew that all of Hitler s military force was now going to turn towards them In the following week British Prime Minister Winston Churchill spoke to the house of commons on this new perspective Churchill In his speech Their Finest Hour Churchill uses diction appeals to logic and appeals to emotion to convey a stimulating and reassuring message to all Great Britain citizens Winston Churchill was known for his inspiring speeches and his exceptional persistence and strength during WWII Churchill grew up in the public eye and became more admired and gained the respect of almost everyone Due to his role as Prime Minister in WWII Churchill became famous for his motivating speeches and refusing to give in even when the odds were not in his favor Because of this from WWII and on for many people in Great Britain Winston Churchill was simply a hero Winston S Churchill During difficult times in Britain s history people looked to Churchill for relief and reassurance Churchill appeals to the emotions felt by the British During WWI when the Allies experienced nothing but disaster and disappointment quite suddenly quite unexpectedly their terrible foe collapsed Churchill Churchill uses the feelings from WWI and brings them back to suggest that even if the allies are feeling hopeless the tables can still turn if stay persistent Churchill appeals to the emotion by reviving past feelings in order to gain an optimistic audience with hope for the future Once Great Britain believes in themselves then they can fight back with positivity and a strong desire to push through the discouraging loss that they most recently received Churchill also uses pathos by giving the vision of the audience s children growing up in a nazi world Churchill 

This shocks the audience into motion by giving Britain a motive to fight and a reason to not collapse so easily If appealing to emotion wasn t enough Churchill also appealed to logic by addressing every mode of attack from Germany and countering all of them with factual plans of defense from the British lines This brings me naturally to the great question of invasion from the air Can we break Hitler's air weapon Now of course it is a very great pity that we have not got an Air Force at least equal to that of the most powerful enemy But we have a very powerful Air Force which has proved itself far superior in quality Churchill Churchill uses raw facts and he in no way tries to sugarcoat them this transparency helps Churchill build more trust with the people of great Britain He exposes everyone's worries with these facts and explores every possibility of attack from Germany This openness helps the audience feel orderly and more sure of what is to come Churchill also shows confidence that radiates and makes his audience also confident and in the end he has encouraged Britain to fight and not back down until they win and when they do it will be their finest hours Churchill gave this speech right after a huge loss for the allies most people in Europe thought that all was lost However when Churchill evaluated the facts and gave encouragement it woke Britain up and encouraged them to go to war Churchill s diction drew him and his audience into the same group Churchill said Let each man search his conscience and search his speeches 

I frequently searched mine During the last few days we have successfully brought off the great majority of the troops we had in France Churchill Churchill uses We to normalize himself and to give everyone the opportunity to lean on each other during this hard time Even when referring to the military Churchill uses We to unite the country Churchill conveys that all of Britain is in this together either they win together or they lose together Some may ask how the audience knows that Churchill isn't lying for the sole reason to ease the public Churchill was almost always in the public eye he based most of work on uniting the public Because he worked with people so much they knew him and the general public would have seen though fake confidence Churchill's use of facts as well as exact numbers could not have been made up or his audience would have found his fake statistics If Churchill did not give this speech or gave it without the essential diction and appeals then Britain would not have gained the courage to persevere and beat Hitler Their Finest Hour Was the speech that inspired all of Britain and reassured them with appeals to logic and emotion Works Cited Churchill Winston Their Finest Hour 18 June 1940 History Place Web 14 January 2018 http www historyplace com speeches churchill hour htm Winston S Churchill Mini biography on the life of Winston Churchill 2009 History com Web 14 January 2018 http www history com topics british history winston churchill

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