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In today's cameras transfer any size length and width magnitude in two dimensions Consequently our image data are limited to the digital environment in these two dimensions But we perceive every object in the earth as three dimensions which we define it as depth and we do not define the depth of image is in the digital media This is why we re starting our project is to transfer these three dimensional objects that we have seen and that we have perceived to the digital medium in the same way in three dimensions If we succeed the project we can perceive the third dimension in the same way the digital media So Every object you can see with your eyes you can store and use it what do you want in the digital media 3 D scanner is not very common in the world One of the biggest reasons is very new technology of 3D scanner and its prices are very high Another reason is that many scanners are not portable and also are not good enough scanning capacity of scanners These reasons are due to restrictions on use too much In our project we plan to make a portable 3D scanner by bringing a solution to this situation So any object surface and environment can be scanned at this point without any usage restriction In addition our scanner is designed to be low cost and easy to use compared to its foreign counterparts The 3D scanner has many benefits It s use that it is especially common in reverse engineering 

To give an example of these issues If a company does not have the complex dimensions and details of a complex structure that is in the hands of a company and wants to view and edit the material in a digital environment instead of measuring each detail separately and redrawing it in a computer environment we can produce three dimensional scan results including the fine details of the scanned result will be generated and store it As another example if a firm wants to see if there is any damage to the printed circuit boards or if you want to see if it complies with its own standards and it is too costly and is not worker power efficiently about setting up new test device for each new different firm s circuit board After a check with our scanner that is three dimensional details you can reach the card and the card that you can create according to the standards of the test is to verify In this case the cost and the burden of producing a separate device for each card will be removed As another example we can refer to military and national security purposes For example there is a cave which is not known what is inside and it is wanted to check the cave but it is unknown whether it is explosive inside Instead of entering into this risky situation we can scan the image processing and camera units of our scanner by inserting an unmanned aerial vehicle UAV and scan inside the cave At the same time due to our scanner s laser unit we can successfully perform our scanning without any night vision feature As a result we can get the data about what is inside when the cave has 3 dimensional structure We can give this cave example not 3 only for military purposes but also as an example for search and rescue operations 

For example in a cave that cannot be entered due to the danger of subsidence or collapse or the collapse of a building in the same way by scanning the environment and safest view the structure of the input output and we choose the safest entry exit and calculate the strength of the environment As another example we can show the biomedical field For example a patient wants to check nevus in body for health As a result of scanning we can see in detail the dimensions of the height width and depth of the body and we can examine whether it is important or not according to the predetermined test standards 6 One example of using 3D scanning to fix a simple problem was a broken piece of mechanic device or object May be it looks badly or it does not have full functionality so you do not have to throw away more stuff Throwing or buying a new stuff seemed like such a waste just because a tiny little piece was missing After scanning a similar clip we can solve this problem So 3D scanner provides a promising technology for industrial prototyping biomedical imaging geology object detection metrology etc Our project focuses on the design and implementation of a 3D scanner using stereo vision imaging technology In the project the particular emphasis will be on prototyping a low cost and feasible 3D scanner consisting two cameras a processing unit and a slit laser Stereo vision systems rely on the principle of reconstruction of a 3D image from various 2D images recorded at different positions According to the stereo vision principles the distance between cameras and radial field of the vision affects the visual reality of 3D appearance Implementation of a slit laser to stereo camera system improves the depth resolution since the identification of the mismatch between image pairs becomes more apparent

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