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There have been a lot of important events and significant moments in Canadian history before and after the 20th century The three most defining moments in Canadian history are the battle of Vimy Ridge being granted a seat at the League of Nations and the impact of immigrants All of these historical moments had a huge impact on Canadian society The battle of Vimy Ridge made Canada the nation we are today Also Canada was a member of the League of Nations while Sir Robert Borden fought to get Canada two seats as an independent country in its signing As well immigrants have played an exceptional role in growing Canada's economy All of these defining moments have changed the way Canadians live today The battle of Vimy Ridge took place in 1917 The battle is known as one of Canada's most defining moments as it was the birth of Canada as a nation

There had been many battles over the Ridge The French were not successful in attempting three times to win the battle No other countries were successful But Canada fought differently The Canadian Corps prepared well fought well and won the battle in four days We can also name the battle of Vimy Ridge as the most defining moment in Canadian history because nothing else can be more important than the birth of a nation As Brigadier General Alexander Ross said it was Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific on parade I thought then and I think today that in those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a nation Alexander Ross After this significant battle all people in the world especially in Europe started to love and appreciate Canadians and they thought that Canadians could manage their own nation It was not only the soldiers who fought and commanders who commanded who won the war Also responsible were the women who worked as nurses and as workers in factories and other people who bought victory bonds in order to help the men on the front lines In summary the great battle of Vimy Ridge made Canada a nation and showed how united Canadians were by helping their army in the war In addition Canada becoming independent was another defining moment in Canadian history Canada sat around the table of League of Nations for the first time in the history Prime Minister Robert Borden believed that Canada with 60 000 war dead had paid the price for such recognition and Canadians deserved to become independent

The Statute of Westminster of 11 December 1931 was a British law that clarified the powers of Canada's Parliament and granted its full legal freedom Canada was a founding member of the League of Nations Sir Robert Borden fought to get Canada two seats as a self governing country It recognized the position of Canada in the world As Nellie L McClung believed in Canadian women would famously say Canada is destined to be one of the great nations of the world and Canadian women must be ready for citizenship McClung Therefore Canadians deserved to be a sovereign nation On July 1st 1867 with the passage of the British North America Act Canada was officially established as a self governing entity within the British Empire In sum Canada became an independent country in 1867 as a result of all its sacrifices during the two world wars Furthermore immigrants have had a vast impact on Canadian society The arrival of newcomers helped build Canada's economy The Immigration Act of 1976 allowed immigrants and their families to come to Canada Canada benefited from the immigrants because they were working in industries and factories they were doing menial jobs that other Canadians chose not to do

 The newcomers did not only have a great impact on Canada's economy but also increased its population Canada is a multicultural country because different people from different cultures are living in Canada Nowadays many of those immigrants are working in government and they have other important jobs Immigrants are successful all over Canada Author Rush Limbaugh the American talk show host believes that the Canadian government tried to bring in more skilled and useful immigrants as he said Canada has an immigration policy you might want to emulate They want more skilled and educated immigrants In fact that's all they take But see since nobody's watching them and they re not a superpower nobody really cares So they are allowed to act in their best interests Limbaugh In sum immigrants had a massive effect on Canada's economy and population In conclusion as we won the battle of Vimy Ridge we witnessed the birth of a new nation An independent Canada was born and proved that they could be their own leader Being a member of League of Nations was also historically important where Sir Robert Borden fought to get Canada two seats as an independent country The arrival of immigrants from different countries was another important moment in Canadian history which led to the rise of Canada's population and the growth of its economy

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