Essay Example on Cancer is when your body's cell separate and don't Stop









Cancer is when your body's cell separate and don't stop next it spreads to your tissues that is nearby your cells Cancer cells are really different from normal cells by allowing them to grow out more than normal cells which cause them to be fast growing The purpose of mitosis is to produce daughter cells that are similar to parent cells The relationship mitosis and cancer have between each other is that they are very close related Mitosis is when cells reproduce during the process of mitosis it doesn't have it cancerous cells it would be unable to form tumors to spread all over the body that is doing mitosis The first phase and longest phase of mitosis is prophase During prophase chromatin compacts into chromosomes then the nuclear membrane or envelope divides or breaks down 

The second phase of mitosis is metaphase Metaphase is when spindle fibers hook onto the centrenome of each duo of sister chromatids The the sister chromatids line up in the center of the cell which is known as the metaphase plate Then the spindle fibers confirm the sister chromatids cut apart from each other then oppose to go to different daughter cells when the cell breaks down The third phase of mitosis is anaphase During the anaphase sister chromatids separate and when centromeres split Next spindle fibers pull separate the sister chromatids from each other than take are both placed on poles opposite from each other At the end of anaphase each pole on the cell has a full set of chromosomes The last phase of mitosis is telophase During telophase chromosomes unwrap and structure chromatin to prepare the genetic material for the metabolic activities in the new cell Also what occurs is the spindle fiber breaks down then a new nuclear membrane forms in the cell If the nuclear envelope didn't break down than the spindle fibers wouldn't be able to reach to the chromosomes insides If sister chromatids did not separate during anaphase nondisjunction will occur and it would be an unusual transport to the nuclei daughter There are many differences between animal and plant cell cytokinesis The main difference between them is during cytokinesis in plant cells the cell wall has to be split and an animal cell doesn't have a cell wall the plant develops vesicles during the plants cytokinesis 

Also in animal cell it has to form a cleavage then the middle of the cell has to be spilt then the cleavage deepens until it goes to membrane then the cell divides during animal cytokinesis Other differences are plant golgi vesicles fuse together to make a plate Cleavage cytokinesis forms in lower plants then the higher plants carries out the the process of the cleavage that is called cell plate formation Cancer Lung Cancer Lung cancer is the uncontrollable growth in cells one or both of your cells Lung cancer when your lungs get messed up and grows uncontrollably it doesn't carry the right functions they need to carry out When the lungs grow the cells can affect the lungs and form tumors on the lungs and mess up the lung since its function job is to provide oxygen and blood for the body It is also the number 1 cancer killer since most people die from this cancer Most people get this cancer for smoking Apparently lung cancer can t be cured but is treatable

Even though lung cancer can t be cured people who have it could still have long term survival but it can recur People who get surgery won't get all the cancer out but can if the person who has great health and is healthy and gets chemotherapy they could get treated and be cured for cancer That is the only way a person can get cured without depending on surgery to get better To prevent having lung cancer people should stop smoking because it killed up to 90 of people who smoke You should also avoid secondhand smoking It causes lung cancer and causes cigars pipes and cigarettes to get into your lungs You should also stay away from things that cause lung cancer or any cancer Another thing to do to not cause lung cancer is exercise and eat health or have a diet of fruits and vegetables Mitosis the purpose is to create two identical daughter cells that are like the parent cells I learned lung cancer is a life or death situation in any way because you could survive but still have the cancer or be dead from the cancer specifically I also learned up to 90 of people die from lung cancer because of smoking I also learned that lung cancer isn t curable unless you are healthy and get chemotherapy I also learned cancer can recur or comeback The last thing I learned was your lungs can grow uncontrollably if you have cancer

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