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The main car air pollutions are carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that keeps solar radiation trapped within the atmosphere On the other hand carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can lead to health problems So what is the solution It can't be making people stay indoors like China do until the air clears because it will only be a matter of time before the air is polluted and unsafe again there needs to be a long term solution such as electric and hybrid cars being more accessible if that's for people to hire for the day or to buy and people who can commute via foot or bike need to do so 1 2 The toll car pollution is having on the earth Car emissions are one of the major causes of global warming greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere which causes the earth's temperatures to rise Without greenhouse gases the earth would be covered in ice but the amount of pollution cars truck etc are pumping into the air the temperatures are heating up causes problems for the wildlife farming sea levels and natural landscapes to see our natural landscape and wildlife live a healthy life just as much as we need to there needs to be a balance healthy for every living thing 

A study worked out that if every EU nation reached Danish cycling levels this would on its own make up between 5 and 11 per cent of the emissions reductions needed to reach the 2040 carbon neutral target and would be between 57 and 125 per cent of the reduction needed in transport emissions 1 3 How pollution is having its toll on humans A serious side effect is that particles of soot and metal emitted from diesel engines lodge deep in human lungs causing serious health problems if this is not enough for the world to see how car pollution is affecting us and do something about it now then what is Here are some options on how to help the earth old and poorly looked after vehicles are the ones which pollute the earth the most so it might be time to say goodbye to your car if it falls under this category and if that car is also diesel when looking for a new car try buying fuel efficient cars electric or hybrid and where you can travel on foot or public transport 1 4 Countries with the worst air pollution vs the best air pollution Mexico city currently has the worst pollution with a population of 23 9 million it s air is so poor birds that fly into the city have been seen falling from the sky from death due to the pollution if it is having this much of an affect on animals what is it doing the the lungs of the people who live in Mexico city They took several steps to make the air cleaner and safer by restricting people driving into the city over weekends but this didn't have the results they wanted they tried again in 2008 by just banning people from driving in on Saturdays but people found ways to bypass this rule therefore Mexico needs stricter rules for people who drive into the city Aside from this is Copenhagen who have the best air quality they plan to be carbon neutral by 2025 The cities infrastructure is designed for people to cycle or walk easier than people who drive their cars into the city All vehicles which are aloud to enter the city are either electric or hydrogen powered Currently Copenhagen is investing money in building a new metro city ring which is to be completed by 2018 with the total of seventeen stations in the city centre Other cities have the same plans and some even limit the car parking spaces forcing people to get into the city via public transport bike or foot 1 5 London s entry tax As of 2017 London brought in their congestion charge of 11 50 per day between 07 00 18 00 

Monday to Friday in hopes it could cut down on the rising pollution in London and make people think about travelling on public transport not only this will help pollution but will cut down on traffic however what about weekends Granted that weekdays for London are busy but the weekends are busy too with hundreds of people still travelling into London on weekends the air quality will just be back to high levels over the weekend therefore there should be measures to ensure that London can be clean all year round no matter what the day 1 6 Are electric cars ready to go mainstream There is an increase of numbers from people who are buying electric cars or hybrid cars but with the high prices it is hard for people to buy cleaner cars there needs to be a better system set up where it is more easier for people to own an electric or hybrid car if the government plan to go completely green by 2040 it needs to be accessible to everyone and at the moment it just isn't There also needs to be a re design consideration in a bias opinion the futuristic design of Tesla for example is a nice touch and different to other mainstream fuel cars and sets people aside from the norm of every day cars however some people may disagree and currently you can tell electric cars from fuel cars in their designs

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