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Definition According to the American Heritage Science

Definition According to the American Heritage Science Dictionary 2013 from Dictionary com website Society is considered to be a group of people who is interested in the persistent of social interaction more than likely they are subjected to the same political norms and convincing cultural expectations Examples However there are different types of society The hunting and gathering societies The hunting and gathering society is viewed to be the earliest from of society where the individuals survive by hunting food gathering woods trapping and fishing eatable foods or even plants for survival Pastoral societies Society that relies on products obtained through the hard working process of animals for transportation in order to survive and have a stable life Horticultural societies Are Societies that rely on cultivation of fruits vegetables and plants Agricultural societies Society that rely on the use of technology in order to cultivate crops in large areas Industrial societies society that rely on advance energy sources Post industrial societies Society that focuses on providing services and technology rather than focusing on production Pair Society can be paired with industrialization According to Sheffrin Steven M 2003 Industrialization is the period of social and economic change that transforms a human group from a specific society into an industrial society involving the extensive rebuilding of an economy for manufacturing 

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