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Procedural Memory Consolidation in the Performance of Brief Keyboard Sequences Journal

4 2018 Duke R A Davis C M 2006 Procedural Memory Consolidation in the Performance of Brief Keyboard Sequences Journal of Research in Music Education 54 2 111 124 doi 10 2307 4101434 Authors Robert A Duke and Carla M Davis developed a procedure to test the procedural memory consolidation in the performance of simple keyboard sequences Their study was developed based on previous research done in similar memory exercises by other researchers During the consolidation process skills continue to advance for up to six waking hours after the initial physical practice Sleep has shown to be a factor in retaining information Research has proven that learned procedural skills are enhanced by sleep based memory consolidation It was also noted in the research that the different sleep cycles greatly effects consolidation based enhancement More importantly the night of sleep directly following the initial practice helps establish procedural memories Stickgold et al 2000 A nap as long as it includes REM sleep can also be beneficial in memory enhancement Mednick et al 2002 Mednick et al 2003 As shown with testing of rat as well as human subjects the formation of procedural memories for new skills is interrupted with the use of electro conclusive stimulation transcranial magnetic stimulation and the cortical injection of protein synthesis inhibitors Memory is degraded when these previous items were introduced within 6 hours of the initial practice but not an issue when introduced after a normal sleep cycle Graves et al 2001 Duke and Davis made sure all subjects were clean of any items including drugs alcohol and caffeine at least twelve hours before the study 

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Passionless McCandless is Scandalous Chris

Passionless McCandless is Scandalous Chris McCandless was a foolish hero He was not stupid he did not have a brain disorder and he did not want to become famous Chris was simply an average guy who was smart and maybe too smart at that someone with too much on their mind constantly over analyzing and craving a peace of mind or purpose Chris Johnson McCandless is someone who people admire not only for his courageous acts but also for his mind set Chris s actions could have been reasoned through before he mae them and he did make some mistakes But in the end he is an inspiration a heroic image to the world to become more open minded and to be able to find oneself in a peaceful manner Into the Wild written by Jon Krakaue is a biography that was published in 1996 Into the Wild is the true story of Chris McCandless who is found dead in the Alaskan wilderness in September 1992 When McCandless returns home to his family from a good university he lives communal and donates his 25 000 savings to a charity for hunger gets in his car and drives away without telling anyone not even his own family where he is going Chris goes on by living on the streets and keeping as little as he can McCandless settles on a plan to go to Alaska and live in the wilderness for awhile So in April of 1992 McCandless gets dropped off near Mt McKinley and spends the next sixteen weeks living in a deserted bus made to be a shelter for hunters In late July McCandless probably eats some moldy seeds that causes him to starve to death Realizing he is going to die he writes a goodbye message and a few weeks later some moose hunters find his body in the bus with some of Chris McCandless s belongings like books and journals he had kept with him at all times on his excursion to Alaska

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