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Certified Nurse Assistants have one of the most important roles in the medical field Not having a CNA is like a car not having wheels because without them there is no possible way it would function They are what keep the hospital going The responsibility of a CNA is to help clients and patients with healthcare needs under the supervision of a Registered nurse or a Licensed Practical nurse nursing assistant guides In most cases they work in assisted living facilities clinics and of course hospitals but sometimes they provide in home care for more convenience to patients CNA nurses did not come into play until World War I started where Volunteer nurse aide service was established for American Red Cross The quality of nursing homes was improved after Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1987 and this created a huge demand for CNA professionals across the states CNA buzz Starting in 1942 the nurse aid enlisted almost 212 000 volunteers who completed 42 million hours of service by 1945 after World War II which makes the nurse aid the most successful program of the Red Cross There have been millions of nurses but some nurses that are very well known are

Florence Nightingale and Virginia Henderson Florence Nightingale is a very well known nurse internationally She began studying nursing in 1851 in Germany and in 1853 the war between Germany and Russia broke out called the Crimean war so she was called to help care for the injured soldiers Virginia Henderson or also known as the first lady of nursing is mostly known for defining the true meaning of nursing She states that a nurse is to assist anyone no matter the condition of their health in order to help that person gain strength knowledge and will Henderson was also able to create a list of criteria that she believed were part of basic nursing care including dressing sleeping breathing eating and drinking maintaining a normal body temperature and many other things top tenz In order for an individual to become a CNA they will have to complete a four to twelve week certificate nursing program and once the certificate is obtained they can begin working The median salary for a CNA job is 26 590 all nursing schools A study from The U S Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that the top 10 percent of CNA nurses make over 36 000 and by gaining more knowledge and training they can move into higher paying positions The study also showed that this position is expected to have an eleven percent job growth by 2026 Although this is an entry level job employees in this position are still accountable for many things CNAs provide intimate hands on healthcare to patients in medical settings helping with bathing dressing and the basic activities of life all nursing schools The normal day for a CNA may consist of turning or repositioning bedridden patients cleaning rooms and bed linens documenting patient's health issues and report to nurses and feeding patients measuring and recording their food and liquid intake all nursing schools Being a Certified nurse assistant offers great job stability and security 

There will always be a demand for nurses because the medical field will never go away and people are always going to need medical assistance This job is incredibly varied and no two days will ever be the same CNAs will have to deal with many different circumstances situations and people meaning this job will have a very exciting environment Nurse Journal Having the knowledge that comes with being a CNA will not only help while in the working environment but it will also help when there is someone injured or ill in their home or while out in public they will be able to provide them with the care and support that they need Nurse Journal Making a difference in someone's life can give such a great feeling It is a very emotionally rewarding career Although a very demanding position you will get the satisfaction of helping people feel better This means you also have the opportunity to really develop a relationship with your patients Nurse Journal A lot of people get the wrong idea when it comes to CNAs some people may look at me as the poop cleaner or waitress I see myself as an important part of the health care team Wade December 2017 

Many times when people hear the word CNA they immediately think they will be cleaning up after patients which is true but there are so many other things that they do as well No matter what your view is of the CNA we are an important asset to the healthcare team and the patient Wade December 2017 At the end of the day being a CNA is a very important job to have They are the rocks of the hospital because without them and all the things that they do the higher positions would have way more stressful jobs than they already do With this job there will never be a dull moment especially with all the different experiences CNAs will have They will get to meet and interact with many patients as well as grow great relationships with them There is no better feeling than being able to make someone smile who could be having so much pain Wade December 2017

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