Essay Example on Challenges inherent to the task of estimating the costs of Crime









Identify and explain the challenges inherent to the task of estimating the costs of crime How do you feel that the costs of crime could best be measured One of the most significantly challenging tasks to estimating the costs of crime is the lack of uniformity between data sources An overall goal is to collect the most recent and reliable date on victims criminal activity and perpetrators as well as using the Criminal Justice Systems CJS available resources Data for criminal activity is relatively easy to get your hands on but if you are looking for information on losses you may have difficulty due to possibly having to piece together available information from different sources Essentially researching data for what is accessible and of good value in all areas has a big influence on the precise estimates of the costs of crime One limitation to a study may be that the data used was strictly from the United States and therefore the costs of crime estimates may not be fit to other countries Another limitation is how difficult it is to calculate the definite number of offenses for crimes 

There are a high number of offenses the reporting by victims can be very intermittent and apprehending offenders can serve as difficult Overall the actual amount of crimes is much greater than the actual number of reported crimes and of those who were arrested for such crime s In the end the offense country age and the methods used for the cost all play a role in estimating the cost of crime To analyze crime and the justice system costs many challenges occur including but are not limited to the use of different cost categories Some studies differentiate between the victim s tangible and intangible costs where others do not use or focus upon these categories but focus on the victim s costs or the suffering endured This is not an issue of the use of different terminology rather it is that many studies use different items under the same wide ranging categories Some studies may also be comprehensive concentrating on many categories of cost while others may only focus on one or two cost categories Some studies may provide costs per incident where as others calculate the cumulative societal costs There is also the difference between what a country considers the definition of particular crimes For example a country may consider sexual assault to have a broad range of behaviors where as other countries see sexual assault as having a more narrow set of behaviors 

The methods used to configure the cost vary amongst the studies Some studies may only rely on a single method while others use many costing methods making it difficult to evaluate the effect of the method and its cost estimations Some methods also tend to disregard certain costs that are challenging to calculate and some studies fail to share certain aspects of the study such as the race or age of the population that is the base of the cost estimate study I think those who provide such information should contribute their data with better accuracy and precise estimates making sure to continuously update the information in the databases for all categories available is the best way to measure the cost of crime I think they should also expand their data and research of estimates to include other countries so that we may know a more precise overall number for the entirety of the cost of crime across the world I also believe that they should look more in depth of the most current estimates of the societal cost of thirteen criminal offenses that are of most importance by using the most recent statistics across the nations These estimates can be necessary for the evaluation of the impact it creates on the economy for programs that lessen crime One advantage of these new crime cost estimations is that they are not set up with any one particular program or group of people or even a specific geographic location thus allows the programs to further their research allowing them to incorporate more information into any and every evaluation of a program of crime prevention Bearing in mind the challenges and limitations for greater coverage improved data and statistics as well as more advanced methods are necessary to prove the precision and also integrate the excluded crimes that have little to no data collected Given that there is so much criminal activity taking place I believe that estimating the social cost of offenses per individuals should be conducted every so many years possibly even three years at the earliest maybe even the latest

2 In criminological sociological study what are some of the limitations to defining crime as only those actions in violation of criminal law Do you feel that criminologists should limit their study in this way Research this issue Criminologists must study the deviants the criminals as well as the social structural contexts that define them To provide other viewpoints on crime it is occasionally viewed in other ways than what is suggested by the standard legal definitions Such alternatives define crime in term by the type of victim by the type of offender by the object of the crime or by the method of criminal activity Such definitions usually cover one or more of the standard legal definitions An example of a standard definition of organized crime may suggest that fraud extortion assault or homicide are what define it Furthermore what is considered criminal

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