Essay Example on Chapter four was about Sensation and Perception








Chapter four was about sensation and perception Throughout our lives we use our five senses in order to connect with the world and our environment The five senses that we use in our everyday lives are touch taste smell hear and see Sensation refers to the recognition of our surrounding by just using our five senses While perception is mainly about explaining the sensations to your brain These five senses then go through a process called transduction A transduction is the process of transforming stimulus energy sound light smell waves into neural messages that go to your brain The type of psychologists that studies sensation and perception and the effects of it are called psychophysics In order to measure sensation psychophysics studies the absolute threshold The absolute threshold is testing the use of the five senses from things we can barely reveal ourselves, For example, it's like tasting a pinch of salt in a 4-liter water bottle or feeling a lady bug walking across your arm You either notice that there s something there or don't notice anything at all A second way to measure sensation is called the difference threshold as known as JND just noticeable difference

 The difference threshold is basically the amount of change it takes for a person to notice something is slightly different Like for example changing the volume of the television by one level or two and someone starts to complain that the volume is a little too loud Lastly you can also use Weber s law to measure sensation Weber s law depends on the environment you are in For example if you are in a library and you want to talk to someone you have to whisper or if you re at a party and the music is really loud in order for someone to hear you you have to yell Depending on the background intensity that's when you can detect the difference in intensity to use when using Weber's law Our sense of sight tends to manipulate the way we see objects and images Depending on the space and distance of an object or objects our sight and mind tend to trick us into believing something unrealistic is happening The illusion depends on the position shadow light and or linear and aerial perspective of the object For example relative size if you take a picture of two objects and the first object is closer to the camera and the second object is farther from the camera the object that is closest to the camera will appear to be ten times bigger compared to the object that is farthest from the camera Another example is if an object seems foggy or cloudy our eyes will make it seem like the object distance and that's called aerial perspective Our sense of sight can also make us believe an image can move

The Beta Effect is like when you take a pack of post it notes for example and you draw different scenarios in each post it note and you flip the post it notes the images begin to move thus creating a little movie Phi Phenomenon is an example of a hypnosis images it's like those images that create the illusion that the image is moving in circles Our ears seem to be a very sensitive part to us The louder the pitch and amplitude something is the more harmful it can be for our ears Listening to something really loud for a long time can actually create hearing loss For example concerts hair dryers fireworks gunshots and even listening to music on your phones with headphones can become really damaging for our ears to maintain There are sound waves that vibrate through your ears until it reaches your eardrums If something is really loud going to your ear it can cause a discomfort You can potentially have sensorineural hearing loss which is where you were exposed to loud noises and your auditory nerve got damaged in the process

To be able to have conductive hearing loss your ear must have an issue with the transfer of vibrations between your outer and your inner ear There may be possibility that you ll need a hearing aid so you can be able to hear better We use our mouths to have a sense of taste As we get older our taste buds will start to change Our taste buds are on our tongue We have up to two thousand through ten thousand taste buds in our mouths currently They live up to five days and start developing new ones Without our taste buds we wouldn't know the difference between what's sweet sour bitter or salty We use our nose to have a sense to smell As we get older our ability to smell will begin to fade Little known fact women have a better sense of smell compared to men especially when women become pregnant There are receptor cells that can recognize over ten thousand odors We also have the sense to touch They're caused by sensations The four basic sensations are cold warm pressure and pain We have over a thousand of nerves It will also help us control our balance which is called the vestibular system When we experience pain it's mainly from our spinal cord or nerve fibers Depending on the size of the fiber it can transport pain to the brain from your body or open or close the flow of pain from the brain To make your pain stop you can use pain killers or cause a distraction to make the pain go away by using humor or a challenge

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