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Children are the future and the future is bilingual Language learning courses are taught in school however they are viewed as electives rather than core classes Adopting a second language can provide kids with many of the tools necessary to help them excel in life The skills they acquire can be useful in areas such as test-taking being that bilingualism increases focus Another benefit is establishing connections with those of varying backgrounds Lastly is the call for dual linguists in the professional world Bilingual education provides children with an academic edge benefits them culturally and broadens career opportunities Academic Edge Bilingual students display better task-switching capabilities than monolinguals due to their increased cognitive abilities Marian Ph.D. Shook 2012 Becoming conversant in another dialect can put children ahead of their peers on many different scales 

It is easier to learn bilingualism as a child because kids are more susceptible to picking up a second language than adults Switching between two languages forces them to use different parts of their brain Learning a second language also boosts focus which can act as an aid in avoiding distractions within the classroom as well as professional settings Lynch 2015 Many of the educational skills acquired by bilinguals can be useful in their future endeavors Cultural Benefits Implementing bilingual education shows an interest in the ethnic backgrounds of students The United States is home to the children of many immigrants Bilingual education adds a sense of cohesion amongst differing people In most diverse communities there is a language barrier which results in a cultural barrier Learning another language can help people relate to each other in more ways As Nelson Mandela once said If you talk to a man in a language he understands that goes to his head If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart Taking the time out to learn another person's language shows a sense of compassion When traveling abroad something as simple as communicating with locals in their native tongue rather than using a translator or expecting them to know English can establish a greater level of respect amongst the residents and tourists Nelson n d Speaking more than one language gives children the opportunity to interact effortlessly with those of different cultures which is useful in classroom and social settings 

English speaking students could help their Spanish speaking friends understand the ins and outs of their language and vice versa Lynch 2015 A good example of this is the extensive amount of words in the English language with multiple meanings and different contexts Another example would be the usage of personal pronouns in the Spanish language The formal and informal versions should be used respectfully when referring to peers opposed to conversing with adults In doing this they can grasp a better understanding of the cultural beliefs differences and sensitivities of others Americans tend to be very straightforward and direct when communicating with each other People from the United States usually make direct eye contact when conversing which is viewed as normal but may be considered disrespectful to those of a different culture Interaction is a vital way for people to gain a broader perspective of the world and those around them Lynch 2015 At the end of the day everyone regardless of their cultural background has more similarities than they know and opening the lines of communication can help bridge the gap Career Opportunities Over the years there has been a surplus of employers who require applicants to be fluent in more than one language Chinese and Spanish are two of the most sought after languages employers seek when hiring bilingual prospects Johnston 2017 Industries that specialize in customer service and require a high degree of human interaction hire the most bilinguals New American Economy 2017 

According to online job postings shared in 2015 companies that require the most bilingual candidates are Bank of America H R Block and Humana New American Economy 2017 Though a person may be well qualified for a position being bilingual can give them the upper hand in acquiring the position Due to the overwhelming number of non English speakers companies are beginning to realize the importance of catering to diverse groups of people For instance large corporations such as cellular providers with call centers must be able to communicate effectively with their customers so they can provide them with adequate service Johnston 2017 If employees can t properly converse with the consumers it is very likely that they will take their business elsewhere The need for dual language speakers will continue to increase as the years progress and it is important that companies keep up with the times Bilinguals have an edge that will continue to increase their value and help them dominate the job market Conclusion

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