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China then and Nowadays China is a country located in the Asia region specifically it borders the China East Sea in the China south between Vietnam and North Korea and has 23 provinces and 5 autonomous regions China is one of the countries that has evolved over time and is considered a world power A country which since then and until today is rich in natural resources that have helped the country to emerge and today is considered one of the most megadiverse countries in the world Also China has a large population in which they communicate through Mandarin that is his native language but there in some different places of China they communicate with different dialects for oral expression Throughout the time it has emerged so much that nowadays China is a powerful country in an economy because of the ties it has made with other countries and history For years it has been noticed that China has always been one of the largest economic powers in the world It has been possible to learn that China is a country where every day it grows economically since it has a high level of import and export of different merchandise As it is seen as one of the largest producers in differing branches for example one of the economic powers in China is agriculture where a large part of the population is dedicated to the sowing of cotton potatoes grain among other products Another of the economic powers in China is mining where they take advantage of the wealth offered by their lands

For example if the first place they lead in the production of minerals such as gold zinc and iron They also have large deposits of coal which from them the source of energy is the most important In summary I can see that more than 50 of the Chinese population is very active in the agricultural sector China for being one of the greatest potential countries in the world has managed to be a model country to other countries China has international relations with many other developing countries in order to grow and strengthen in economic development with different countries Today China is a leader in economic challenges where it has expanded worldwide with goods raw materials and a large financial cavity For example I have done some investigations in different articles about the international relationship between China and other countries One of the articles I found were between China and Africa According to Albert China has boosted African oil and mining sectors in exchange for advantageous trade deals 1 With this type of agreement China manages to obtain what they need which is oil and Africa also obtains a good deal with China in which China supplies Africa a long term energy Another example is the project that is taking place between China and Panama According to The Sun Daily page says 

The two nations also reached agreements related to agriculture civil aviation and maritime transport as well as tourism to facilitate visits by Chinese tour groups to Panama 3 Explaining the pact that these two countries are making and the facilitation that people from China will have for tourism in Panama and also what Panama will obtain that is the construction of a train from the capital of Panama to a province specifically to the Province of Chiriqui This would be an excellent idea for Panama since it will provide economy tickets to Panama traffic will be reduced and this train will make stops at strategic points in different parts of the country In short China has been doing an excellent agreement with different countries in exchange for expanding its social and economic development Finally China has been a country that over time has evolved in many aspects such as its history culture and politics Years ago in the country of China people were governed by different dynasties where each dynasty had its emperor The society survived from crafts and agriculture The things that they cultivated or created were only exchanged between Chinese society 

Today China is one of the most developed countries and it exports and imports more agricultural products minerals among others abroad which now supply a world market Every day they try to strengthen their country more through the economy learning from other stronger countries using the latest technologies and information Works Cited Economy of China Wikipedia Wikimedia Foundation 22 Jan 2018 en wikipedia org wiki Economy_of_China Albert Eleanor China in Africa Council on Foreign Relations Council on Foreign Relations 12 July 2017 www cfr org backgrounder china africa Panama eyes trade deal with China after ditching Taiwan TheSundaily 17 Nov 2017 www thesundaily my news 2017 11 17 panama eyes trade deal china after ditching taiwan Lian Yi zheng Chinese Ways of Empire Then and Now The New York Times The New York Times 30 June 2017 www nytimes com 2017 06 30 opinion china hong kong xi jinping html Basic Facts about China General Facts about China Flag Population Climate Language www travelchinaguide com intro china htm Elman Benjamin et al China Encyclopædia Britannica Encyclopædia Britannica inc 11 Jan 2018 www britannica com place China

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