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In the Western Ghats near Karnataka at a prodigious Altitude

In the Western Ghats near Karnataka at a prodigious altitude of 1 541 meters lies the majestic Kavaledurga Fort which is a truly beautiful landscape of mountains forest land and rivers The best way to explore this scenic environment is via a uphill trek which isn't an easy one but the gorgeous views and the abundant natural beauty make it worth the effort Here's everything you need to know about this incredible hidden gem Located approx 11 miles from the town of Thirthahalli in the Shimoga district of Karnataka the Kavaledurga Fort is a stunning site that is wrapped in interesting tales of bygone era which makes it a must visit for history buffs Plus owing to its location on the top of a hill amidst the rolling hills and lush jungles it is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts looking for high altitude kicks A brief history Established in the 9th century the Kavaledurga Fort over the centuries have witnessed the rule of different rulers from the Cheluvarangappa king of Belagutti in the 14th century who renovated it to the Nayakas of Keladi in the 16th century who fortified the fort by building seven bastions and further in 1763 the fort was occupied by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan Each ruler added some unique architectural element to the fort which is evident even today Today the fort lies in ruins but continues to stun visitors with its exceptional architecture and historical vibe

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