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In the today's fast growing world of Internet client needs to persuade products to be implemented and updated faster than their competitors And the client needs more software releases with new features to be implemented in short period of time Hence software testing plays a predominant role as the customers don't like to work with the defected software As the demand for quality software is increasing predominantly the time frame to test product is short amount of time Thus the software developers should be well trained in software testing to perform productive software testing activities To achieve a better workforce in the software testing industry integrating software testing in the curricula would be more beneficial But integrating software testing in the curricula of many universities undergraduate computer science and information technology program and motivating the students continues to be a challenge 12 13 This integrating software testing is still an open research problem When the focus is on designing such curriculum it is important that the learning objectives are met and at the same time it is also important to make sure that the students are engaged and motivated But student engagement has been frequently neglected and for particularly while teaching at university level Additionally there is lack of motivation for the student in learning the concepts of software testing One way to deal with this worrying is the use of gamification to an educational context to the point of increasing engagement of the student and helps in providing the impulse to the active learning of the student
In today's digital era gamification has turned into a well known strategy to encourage specific behavior and increase motivation and engagement Despite the fact that gamification is generally found in advertising systems it is presently being executed in numerous educational programs too helping educators find the balance between accomplishing their goals and obliging advancing student needs Gamification is defined as the process of integrating game elements in non game contexts in an effort to increase the use engagement towards the contexts Deterding at al 14 15 General implementations of gamification include incorporating the game elements like points badges Avatars progress bars levels and leaderboard into the education environment Thus we have different types of game elements and these game elements are considered as a token of appreciation The effectiveness of gamification on the students can be seen as a reflection of completion of their learning activities Gamification in the form of achievements badges standing at the top level in their leaderboard constant feedback helps students in mastering an activity and learning through failure
These elements of gamification make the user engaged in the context As we said earlier that various authors reported that the students lack engagement while learning introductory computer science gamification provides an approach to improve the student engagement and motivation of learned material Thus one can see a good fit between the introductory Computer Science courses and gamification So as we came to know that gamification could fit in Computer Science courses this paper discusses the use of Web Repository of software Testing Tools WReSTT which helps the instructor in incorporating testing components into the introductory software engineering courses along with the gamification in it The WReSTT provides the students all the necessary resources in the form of learning objects quizzes video tutorials etc which help them to improve their knowledge in software testing and thus helping them to become well trained professionals The WReSTT has the features of collaborative and social learning environment 10 where the students can interact with each other compete for the virtual points and they could see their position in the leaderboard based on the points they have earned which triggers competitive environment and motivates student s student learning These virtual points can be earned for the work they have done related to testing provides students a greater involvement and teamwork environment Students using WReSTT can browse different tutorials based on the programming course that is been assigned for the course
At the end of this training of students in software testing this paper presents empirical studies conducted at North Dakota State University This paper discusses when gamification is applied to introductory CS pedagogy with the help of a testing tool WReSTT which would provide the benefits like student's engagement effective and different way for students to learn testing This paper discusses a case study in which one section of students has been provided with only the learning objects and material Whereas gamification features such as virtual points leaderboard are provided for the second section The goal of this study is to assess the effect of using WReSTT on undergraduate students acquisition of knowledge and proficiency of using the testing methods and tools Therefore the objective of this paper is to analyze how the design and implementation of gamification features of WReSTT would impact the student learning and understanding of the testing concepts at introductory computer science CS1 andCS2 class level 8 We have conducted pre post test instrument tool to evaluate the objective of the paper

The results have indicated that use of WReSTT for learning has improved the students learning and their helped them to better understand the use of software testing technique and tools Going further into the paper the reminder of the paper is organized as follows Section 2 provides some background and related work on gamification Section 3 details the features of WReSTT which explains both the instructor and student view of the tool Section 4 describes the study design the participating students and the study procedure and the data collected during the experiment run Section 5 describes the data analysis and results and is followed by section 6 which discusses the threats to validity Section 7 concludes the paper with presenting the ideas for future work

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