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For many years scientists along with concerned patrons have been contemplating climate change and what dangers it presents to humankind Climate change refers to the variation in normal weather patterns caused due to pollution Environmental pollution refers to the contamination of ecosystem and the surrounding atmosphere by different forms of pollutants Chemicals and energies omcis org Environmental pollution and climate is becoming a more substantial concern worldwide as the years go on Numerous studies have been ran throughout the years showing statistical reasoning behind the environmental changes Environmentalists debate about what the leading cause is and what we are able to do to stop such turmoil The threat of global climate change has been a cloud of smog lingering for quite some time Global warming is the increase of earth's normal surface temperature due to impact of greenhouse gases omics org We are threatening our own kind with our reckless lifestyle towards our environment As the world urbanized and industrialized and as the effects of climate change intensify environmental crises will increasingly devastate the lives health and livelihoods of people around the globe Human Rights Watch We as human beings need oxygen released from trees in order to breathe Nature on the other hand needs the carbon dioxide that we exhale Keeping this cycle continuous is key to survival for both variants With the introduction of particulates biological substances or other harmful materials into atmosphere is referred to as air pollution omics org Air pollution could also damage natural or built environments animals plants and crops In order to confront climate change people everywhere must take part in practical and affordable solutions We're already seeing the effects of climate change but thankfully we re equipped with the most effective tool nature Gainer Climate change is an adjustment in the normal or average weather of a region or city

On the other hand it could also be an adjustment in an area s normal temperature for a given month or season omics org Climate change is brought about by variables for example biotic procedures variation in sunlight based radiation received by Earth plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions Certain human activities have likewise been distinguished as critical reasons for recent climate change often referred to as global warming Grainer ProCon org states the different views of human relation towards climate change by statistically showing The 2010 Andregg study found that the expertise of researchers unconvinced of human caused climate change is substantially below that of researchers who agree that human activity is primarily responsible for climate change The 2013 Cook review of 11 944 peer reviewed studies on climate change found that only 78 studies 0 7 explicitly rejected the position that humans are responsible for global warming A separate review of 13 950 peer reviewed studies on climate change found only 24 that rejected human caused global warming A survey by German Scientists Bray and Von Storch found that 83 5 of climate scientists believe human activity is causing most of recent global climate change A separate survey in 2011 also found that 84 of earth space atmospheric oceanic and hydrological scientists surveyed said that human induced global warming is occurring While some scientists agree that climate change is mainly caused by humans more than 1 000 scientists disagree with such beliefs presenting such statistics as A 2012 Purdue University survey found that 47 of climatologists challenge the idea that humans are primarily responsible for climate change and instead believe that climate change is caused by an equal combination of humans and the environment 37 mostly by the environment 5 or that there s not enough information to say 5 ProCon

Nature has been trying to repair the scabs that humans continue to pick at but it becomes increasingly difficult due to the increasing amounts of landfills created We continue to produce more and more waste that is difficult to dispose of properly making it a major cause of global warming Landfills are designed to be anaerobic meaning that once waste has been dumped very little air remains below the surface Landfill gas is generated as a byproduct of the digestion of organic materials by organisms that thrive in these anaerobic conditions Food waste paper grass and other organic matter is readily digested and turned into landfill gas which is 50 percent methane While most modern landfills are required to capture some of their methane emissions significant quantities continue to escape into the atmosphere Gainer The term waste disposal is mainly related to that of which is created during the extraction of crude materials the utilization of definite items or other human activities including civil private institutional business farming and social medicinal services family risky squanders sewage sludge omics Not only are we disposing of waste in haphazardous ways we also endanger the one crucial piece of our existence by contaminating valuable nutrients in the soil Californians currently throw away millions of tons of recyclable materials every year According to the California Integrated Waste Management Board over 60 percent of the materials in California landfills could be composted or recycled Gainer Environmental pollution along with climate change is an issue that we all need to work together in order to dwindle the massive effects it has in store Mother nature deserves to remain fruitful and full of life We as humans as destroying the world around us with vehicles smog pollution and it has become an international concern Studies show that even if we are not the only cause was do have a massive contribution to the destruction of our planet We're already seeing the effects of manmade climate change but nature can help Protecting nature today means a better planet for future generation

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