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Clocks Such simple things that we come across every day Depending on our preferences and needs they can be of any kind a sundial or hourglass for the decor mechanical or digital ones for day to day use and atomic clocks for making precise calculations Whatever their form is the main purpose is to measure time Ticktock The second hand of the clock is moving forward inexorably It s not surprising is it The familiar sound the familiar passage of time Ticktock Before you know it the clock says it s two and a half minutes to midnight Only two and a half minutes till a nuclear catastrophe strikes Today s world is full of hazards It s the highly tense international situation and the quick development of nuclear weapons and the ever changing climate These factors together are reflected on the so called Doomsday Clock It may sound a bit mystical but trust me there s nothing supernatural about it Quite the contrary this Clock provides probably the most exact and realistic picture of the events taking place around the world Just as regular clocks it tells the time left till a particular event only in this case the event is a nuclear apocalypse symbolically reflected as midnight

The more minutes to midnight the smaller the likelihood of a man made global catastrophe is and vice versa Ticktock Who came up with the idea of thus reflecting the likelihood of the end of the world The Doomsday Clock was a project initiated by the members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists journal in 1947 They were the creators of the first American atomic bomb That year the Clock showed 7 minutes to midnight Since then the clock has been set backward and forward 22 times The closest the world has ever been to a global catastrophe was 2 minutes which happened in 1953 when the USA and the USSR started their atomic bomb testing programs and the farthest was 17 minutes to midnight after the collapse of the Soviet Union The decision of adjusting the time on the Clock is annually made by a group of visiting experts among whom there are 18 Nobel laureates It was they who set the Clock 30 seconds ahead in 2017 As a result it was the second time in history the Clock had been this close to midnight Ticktock They made this decision based on the U S President Donald Trump s comments on North Korea Russia and nuclear weapons In 2016 the USA and Russia failed to reach an understanding on any of the key issues of the global geopolitics from Syria and Ukraine to NATO enlargement Instead of arriving at a compromise the two countries chose to continue with developing and upgrading their weapons 

Moreover there is an ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan both of which have atomic bombs over the province of Kashmir and North Korea is proceeding with its nuclear weapons development Ticktock To make things worse national sentiment has been on the rise lately More and more often we hear of terrorist attacks all over the world According to scientists this tendency poses a great threat to global security Various terrorist groups are trying to gain access to radioactive materials which they could use to create the so called dirty bombs In the USA alone 170 cases of radioactive materials being lost or stolen were recorded between 2010 and 2016 Ticktock Another big threat to humanity is climate change more precisely its denial No matter how hard today s politicians are trying to ignore this problem the signs of global warming are obvious Thus Cape Town could become the first metropolis to have run out of fresh water because of persistent drought At present the water level in its reservoirs has dropped below 30 and when it reaches 13 5 the government will disconnect the water supply to every building in the city except hospitals and the most important infrastructure 

So while the entire regions are suffering from drought and other natural disasters glaciers are melting the level of the World Ocean is increasing and carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere the USA keeps investing billions of dollars into advancing their nuclear weapons Ticktock Despite these distressing statistics the project wasn t created to frighten us Quite the opposite it aims to remind us that there is no time to lose and that we need to act now As the journal puts it the Clock is ticking global danger looms Wise public officials should act immediately guiding humanity away from the brink If they do not wise citizens must step forward and lead the way Acting is not the same as knowing What do we do every time we hear something like that I ll tell you we do nothing until we are forced out of our comfort zone We just sit there complaining about how much the weather has changed we create posts on social media in memory of those who died in terrorist attacks That is not enough It is time we start making informed decisions do we go with the flow or should we try to do something to change the world and make it a better place After all the humanity has only 2 minutes left to make that choice So ticktock

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