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Cognitive distortions also called thinking errors are trends that cause individuals to interpret the world in an irrational and dysfunctional manner These contemplations are used to fortify negative reasons and interfere with the way a person perceives an occurrence These cognitive distortions bolster adverse feelings and mediates with the way a person feels or thinks Schemas are depicted as stored bodies of knowledge containing fundamental beliefs which are regarded by the person as absolute truths just the way things are Schemas interact with incoming information to help shape experience Varga 2014 p 168 Although there are numerous forms of cognitive distortions there is one that I can promptly relate to on a personal level polarized black or white thinking Polarized or black and white thinking is the demonstration of assessing all circumstances in a curtailed and inflexible mannerism I tend to categorize situations in a black or white manner I view circumstances in extremes and disregard any shades of gray that may exist within the circumstances Multiple stratagems exist in which I could utilize and employ to overcome polarized thinking 

The primary vehicles recognized for purposefully influencing these thought patterns are the analysis and management of 1 beliefs and assumptions 2 internal dialogues self talk and 3 mental images Manz and Net 1989 p 90 One approach I can employ is to evaluate my thoughts identify negative contemplations and talk back to such negative thoughts Implementing positive feedback to myself and establishing a more shades of grey mindset will benefit my mental health and increase my learning abilities Another approach I can employ is to challenge my thought process when situations arise that I normally would categorize as black or white By challenging my thoughts I can distinguish between falsified interpretations and facts of a situation or occurrence An additional approach that I can implement towards this cognitive distortion is to develop a stronger analytical thought process Applying analytical thinking will allow me the capacity to see circumstances in a more comprehensive manner without giving myself a chance to be diverted by the easiest and most clear information This process will enable me to explore positive focal points and negative detriments when confronted with situations According to David Burns 1980 individuals need to confront these dysfunctional types of thinking and replace them with more rational thought Manz and Net 1989 p 89 I have a growth mindset for learning to write professional communication I embrace new curriculums in which I have little to no educational foundation in I solidly trust that I can learn professional communication through diligent work and determination Although I identify with the polarized cognitive distortion my mindset towards learning new information and retaining old information is generally optimistic and accepting 

According to Sheridan Blau 2003 the major difference between less skilled and more productive learners is not their intelligence but their willingness to endure disorientation that feeling of being lost or confused Miller 2013 p 51 However during my educational journey I do categorize in black or white contexts however I firmly believe that I always have the ability to educate myself more and retain the information in which I am studying I work in administration for an oil and gas company for the last four years and I do not believe that I have a sense of mastery in my profession Gladwell claims 2005 his thesis is that some of the most successful people those often deemed to be experts have cultivated an instinctual understanding of their subject matter that permits virtually instantaneous assessment and flawless decision making Ringold 2006 p 127 The oil and gas industry is in a constant state of change and companies invest in the latest technological advancements to implement faster and more efficient procedures My company in specific recently invested in a new system in which required training for all management and administration The new system is confusing and not user friendly and every day is a learning experience Prior to the implementation of the new system I would have responded that I did believe I had a sense of mastery in my profession but with the change of systems and new methodologies enacted I am partaking in more hours of training than in a setting in which a sense of mastery can be evident

 Reflecting on my professional and academic success I believe that I have earned such success through hours hard work determination and perseverance When I entered the oil and gas industry four years ago I did not have any prior knowledge of the industry I questioned my ability to learn my professional almost daily for the first two years of my employment However I put in long hours and worked 7 days a week to learn my job competently and efficiently However there is room for growth even at the most professional levels of any career and I am accepting of all learning opportunities in my workplace In addition I also feel that I have earned my academic success because my determination would not allow me to fail I spend a great deal of time studying my academic material and doing further research that may not be covered in class notes or required books During my undergraduate studies in 2017 I endured a devastating family death two weeks into the school year and as difficult as it was to maintain my focus and concentration I pushed through my grievance and maintained my studies to achieve my undergraduate degree

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