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Introduction Cold Weather Alert is an informative article an appeal made by the NGO Crisis At Christmas to create awareness among the people who are privileged to help the homeless The text type is probably an advertisement represented in a advertising newspaper The text type is written in two pages which include a short summary box The text uses different literary devices and stylistic features which are there to achieve the purpose which is gaining donations The Article is trying to tell people that not everyone has a perfekt Christmas Eve like people imagine it to be There are people who suffer in the cold weather without a home to live in without any company or a warm meal The Cold Weather alert article tries making a change towards homelessness Crisis at Christmas has provided providing vital services for homeless and vulnerably housed people for over 40 years The Purpose of this article is to inform and persuade readers of the Guardian to donate money to Crisis at Christmas for a Christmas dinner and presents for single homeless people Which is clear since it gets repeated a couple of times 

The purpose of this text is to inform and ensure locals and people around the world about people who are homeless and have to spend even Christmas evening alone in the cold and it's trying to spread awareness and trying to make a change You can help fill that space for someone for just a few pounds for 23 39 euros in fact With this Quote the publisher is clearly trying to convert the message of us donating money and that even with a small amount of money we can make a change it also makes the audience feel as if the money they re donating is just a small amount when compared to the amount that it helps and supports the homeless people Other sentences that make this clear are Please reserve a place for a homeless person this Crisis at Christmas or You can help us turn our plan into reality by reserving a place at Crisis at Christmas for someone who's homeless today The Tone of the Article is very emotional since its about people's lives but also it is dedicated and very persuasive this is where your gift could be so crucial or we need your help and we need it urgently The tone of this Article is also commanding and includes ethos The ethos of this article that there is a clear repetition of their past experiences in the campaign one example is since 1972 we opened our doors for the very first Crisis at Christmas we ve seen how a little comfort and support given at the right time can trigger a real lasting change The tone is also very dedicated and this is shown by quotes like In our 40th anniversary year Crisis at Christmas will be needed more than ever before

The Author of this Newspaper Article is trying to provoke the reader by using words that create negative emotions Such as homeless and hardest time The Subject of this text is that the charity wants donations and gifts for the homeless people they make this clear to the audience by saying you can help Also it repeats words like just only to seem that the price of donations seems not that much which leads to a bigger amount of people donating By providing a real life example of someone that got help from this charity the newspaper included a small story By providing information about a tragic life of a man called John the audience is more connected and is able to have a more emotional connecting it might lead to them feel the urge to donate money in order to make a chance The story appeals to pathos for more donation it is there to make the readers feel poor for him Also the word choice is important to a persuasive speech Since the Company seems very desperate to make a chance there are many hints on how to contact the organization On the second page of this advertisement there is a big heading saying Please reserve a place for a homeless person the Crisis at Christmas Compared to the other text its written in bold letter so it would stand out more

Also it says www crisis org uk and post to room 042 There are different stylistic features used in this advertisement On the first page that we can see on the left side we see an advertisement for Crisis which gives as all the valuable information about the Company and what they are trying to achieve On the second page it shows us a real life story of a man called John which gives us an idea about how Crisis at Christmas has changed his life At the very bottom at the advertisement you can find the contact information for those who are interesting in donating money after reading it Also on the second page we can see a man that stands there in a comfortable position with a smile on his face He is very properly clotting and is even wearing a watch which shows again that the audience should help the homeless people and shows how Crisis at Christmas provides the people with Aid It allows the audience to check there website and find out even more information in order for them to verify that they are not getting false information On the first page we can see snowflakes on the heading which helps us understand how cold it really gets in Winter and makes us feel more sympathy for those who do not have warm homes and makes us want to stop there suffering

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