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No one wants to finish high school to work at an underpaid and non beneficial job College graduates get satisfaction within job payments and spectacular benefits that most people desire College is worth the time and money and is useful in all aspects of life College benefits a person by providing opportunities job security and various financial benefits Graduating from college can help graduates with getting and keeping a reasonable well paying job Correspondingly college also helps prepare for jobs after graduation College allows graduates to choose what they want to do through majors They can earn more from graduating college than they would if they did not go to college College graduates have more opportunities and are more flexible for jobs College increases thinking skills and discipline two traits that employers are interested in Beckstead 8 College degrees open up career options and employers seek people with college degrees Beckstead 8 College gives opportunities to make connections and socialize College provides the opportunity to meet people from various activities clubs and other gatherings College can develop good writing and communication skills College also helps with decision making later in life College helps with better equipping people to do their job efficiently and fit well in the environment Additionally college prepares them to fit well in a job environment by assigning deadlines or group projects Sharp thinking skills will be developed in college College can improve time management skills through deadlines and assignments New skills and more knowledge will be picked up all through college Better speaking and presentation skills can be picked up from college College can help build good responsibility and working habits Hansen 14 College classes activities and group assignments are good places to cultivate team skills and build research and organization skills Hansen 14 College is a good way to network and socialize to find people that also have similar interests

Meeting many diverse people in college can provide many benefits later in life Similarly college allows people to explore different careers and courses College students can connect with other students and professors to build social skills needed later in life College will also enhance responsibility and adult skills College can aid with building bonds friendships and networks that can last longer than college Professors and friends made in college are significant resources for help when needed College resources can benefit by providing input or recommendations even when not in college College students can get jobs through social networking and other relationships from college Internships during college can prepare students and help them get a job when they re out of college Colleges can also offer job fairs that may lead to employment or more opportunities Patel 13 College helps graduates have more control over their life College graduates are more attractive because they will already have the needed skills for the job Furthermore employers are more open to people who are flexible and efficient College degrees appeal to many employers and make applications more noticeable Having a college degree increases chances of being offered job positions Having a college degree shows that graduates are dependable and good at what they do Being a college graduate shows that they might stick with a company for a long time making them a good investment for an employer Employers do not like losing college graduates because they are proven to be efficient workers College graduates are in a better position to keep their job than non graduates College graduates have a lower chance of being laid off Similarly college graduates suffer less from economic recession Certain jobs that are in high demand will not suffer as much as others College graduates who are affected bounce back sooner than others Having a college degree also lessens the chances of poverty Patel 13

Advantages gained from college degrees can also be used to benefit the graduate and their family in numerous ways Having a college degree increases pay and social mobility that can be profited off of for a lifetime College graduates make more money and are able to pay debts easier College graduates are less likely to keep debt from loans for a long time Patel 13 College graduates have good job benefits that will help in the future Jobs that require college degrees usually provide benefits like health care retirement investments and travel The financial benefits these jobs provide can help their family or their future family Being a college graduate provides more opportunities with more benefits Benefits provided can help families and further their children s will to go to college Health care can make a huge difference and be very valuable Having a college degree increases the chances of good financial benefits Employers are more likely to give benefits like health to college graduates than others without a degree Jobs that require degrees most often deliver more benefits and various perks College graduates can receive benefits such as health care and retirement investments The benefits gained are usually exclusive to college graduates The benefits and perks can also help their family and build stability With all the information about college and instructions to follow a person who does not know much about college may be overwhelmed However once understanding college and its benefits they can feel much more content and confident with their decisions about college College usually inspires someone to want to be prepared and focused on work College can be difficult but with information and guidance people who attend college will likely do fine

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