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To begin with the colonists had many grievances against the British Rule that sparked the revolution Primarily they were distressed with the enacted Stamp Act Townshend Act Quartering Act and the Sugar Act All these amendments gave power to the British rule who imposed taxes on the American colonies In addition they were obligated to provide quarter and any other requirements to British soldiers What's important to note here is that these policies most directly impacted colonial merchants who thought these policies were simply unjust They were upset because the colonies were controlled by a foreign power that disallowed them from representation in Parliament In retaliation the colonies began to boycott British goods In the Spring of 1773 the British parliament wanted to create a monopoly for the East Indian company Later that same year Massachusetts colonists masked themselves as Indians and discarded the 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor from the 

British ships Commonly known as the Boston Tea Party was an act against the imposed Tea Act The British prime minister called it an act of treason sending 4000 British soldiers to put the city under military rule The parliament disallowed the colonies to create their own colonial government Further any British official or soldier guilty of a crime would be sent back to Britain to await trial Evidently there were many factors that lead to the American revolution significantly the control of the British government over the colonies who had no representation in the parliament All these grievances run counter to the British line of thought that believed they received British naval protection and had a stable governmental system that created a balance between Parliament and the monarchy But there was a clear divide amongst colonists and they dissented on many issues Eventually those who supported British rule categorized themselves as Tories or loyalists These individuals had close ties with Britain and did not wish to separate from the motherland Likewise Revolutionaries became known as patriots or rebels depending on who was speaking This divide I believe is why people consider the American Revolution a mix of revolution and civil war The continental congress of 1776 ensued war against Britain however that was against the will of many royalists That's why the American revolution cannot plainly be called a revolution because there was fervent debate amongst colonists as to which government to support Further David Armitage said Every great revolution is a civil war There is likely to always be conflict amongst a group 

Consequently in my opinion the American revolution was a civil war that transformed into a revolution I believe initially the colonies hoped for peace and linkage to the mother land such as Joseph Galloway a colonial loyalist who wanted to colonies to find other means of liberty rather than war However with more unjust force from the British power the colonies realized that independence is more vital and therefore their primary goal with the help from Patrick Henry who famously said Give me liberty or give me death The colonists had proceeded to collect weaponry and train volunteered soldiers preparing for a possible war They began to segregate from the British rule by boycotting their goods and retaliating against redcoats The ideologies of the colonies were undoubtedly different from those of Britain The colonists hoped to abolish the idea of rule under a king they wanted their own government a complete different constitution At that point I do not believe the colonists as a whole considered themselves under the British rule As mentioned earlier they blocked trade with Britain and had settled to trade with Europe In fact they had begun to manufacture paper money as well From this one can see that these colonies had transformed their lives to one of independence without the British In this case it can be said the colonies and Britain were not part of the same polity These colonies revolutionized into self governing free states What is more is the

Declaration of Independence that was created by significant patriots such as John Adams Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson This document is highlighted in three parts The first affirms all human beings have rights that cannot be taken away frequently quoted life liberty and the pursuit of happiness The second part explains the colonists anger toward the British King which have been mentioned earlier The final section declares the thirteen colonies independent from mother England To reiterate my point I do believe the American Revolution was mainly a revolution Finally regarding whether the American revolution was revolutionary I believe it was It had formed an entire new county with its own constitution It had sparked the idea of democracy Thomas Jefferson who had written the Declaration of Independence utilized phrases such as all men are created equal to promote the theory of democracy

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