Essay Example on Coming of age Atticus and Aunt Alexandra s opinions contradict Jem quotes his Father









This quote stood out to me while reading chapters 13 to 24 as it is something that is quite relatable and simply the truth It speaks to the themes of family and coming of age Atticus and Aunt Alexandra's opinions contradict Jem quotes his father and says that family is something you have no control of while Aunt Alexandra believes it comes down to the side of choice Atticus is concerned with all members of his family whereas on the other hand Aunt Alexandra wants to kick some out The chapter begins with Bob Ewell threatening Atticus for making look like a fool during the trial Everyone but Atticus seems to be worried including the children and Aunt Alexandra They learn that a man on the jury wanted to acquit Tom Robinson a member of the Cunninghams Scout then exclaims that she wanted to invite Walter Cunningham over one day for dinner which Aunt Alexandra is very opposed to Aunt Alexandra considers the Cunninghams as trash and by no means wants to be associated with them We see more of Aunt Alexandra during this as we can tell that she thinks that her family was far better off than the Cunninghams 

She doesn't want to be associated with one another even though the Cunninghams were kind and generous people She doesn't care whether the person is family or not if they didn't meet with her standards she did not want them to be linked to her family She demonstrates this when she tells Scout that she doesn't want her having Walter over at all and even if he were her double first cousin once removed she wouldn't have changed her mind Aunt Alexandra is a stubborn lady who wants everything to be her way She believes that Scout does not have enough feminine influences in her life due to the fact that Scout does not follow the norms This isn't the first time however that Aunt Alexandra didn't allow Scout to do something as she didn't want to be associated with someone else When Scout took an interest in going to Calpurnia's home to see how she lived differently her children and her people Aunt Alexandra didn t let her do so She doesn't even believe Calpurnia to be a real member of the family and doesn't appreciate her like Atticus and the children do She doesn t understand that Calpurnia is a mother figure to the children and without her life would be a total mess This quote speak to the themes of family and the coming of age as it helps demonstrate Scout's maturity She and Jem both understand that family means everything they are the ones who will be there for you no matter what They've realized that they are all they have in the world since the very instant they were born and will continue to rely on each other in the future 

Though Calpurnia is not related to anyone in the Finch family by blood she is considered as family for Atticus and the children Calpurnia has filled the empty void left behind by the death of Jem and Scout's mother therefore their family wouldn t be functional without her She has played an important role in the children's life as well as in Atticus life but Aunt Alexandra fails to see this Even though Aunt Alexandra can be quite stubborn she did everything in the name of her family She may appear to be persistent but she does her best to better the family and deep inside she doesn't mean any harms her way of showing love is just different that everyone that is why is can be perceived differently Friends constantly come and go in life as you mature and grow people that were once your friend turn to strangers Everyone is busy with their own life and achieving their dreams you might have friends but in all honestly they will never be there like your family would I love my friends but to me my family will always comes first Friend s can easily turn their backs on you and become strangers in an instant whereas your relationship with your family is one that will never be broken whether you love them or not Your family is always there through the thick add thin they will never truly fail to disappoint you Not everyone choose to think this way but this is how I view my relationship with my friends versus my family In my opinion your friends can be with you forever but I believe that your family will always be your number one priority The friends that I have today will choose their path in life as they mature whether that means continuing their life alongside of me or separate ways but I know for sure that no matter what I do and who I become they will always be there to support me

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