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Communism was a big controversy during the industrial revolution Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published the Communist Manifesto which describes the working class history from their point of view It has been recognized as one of the worlds most influential pamphlets They wrote every society would reach communism According to Marx the driving force of history was the economic relationship between classes Karl Marx experienced the poor working conditions first hand causing him to feel so strongly about the subject Karl Marx said that the workers should overthrow the capitalist system and then replace it with a communist economic system sharing the wealth they produced He then met Friedrich Engels Engels worked in the family business but soon started publishing as well He started off writing about the terrible conditions of the working class Karl Marx published the Manifesto and was trying to prove that one class was always above another He also wrote about the Bourgeoisie which were the middle class that were using private property to make profit He stated that they use their wealth over the government 

The working class were known as the proletariat He believed that the working class were being underpaid because the value of a product is based on the labor used to make it The capitalists were making profit off of it when selling it He called those profits surplus value and believed the workers were enslaved by machine Karl Marx believed these people who understood the struggle were communists He believed they were going the overthrow the government After the Proletariat would overthrow the government there would be no need for a government and they would be running everything Marx thought the driving force of history was the difference of these classes Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels believes people need to fight for their wants and needs The Marxist movement was formed which was where people shared Marx's beliefs There were four stages to the Manifesto The final stage of political evolution is communism He wanted it to be a equal society avoiding competition No country had ever reached pure communism They could not transition directly to communism so private property started being abolished and people were paid what they should be for their productions This eventually would lead to a society without classes The final stage would be achieved through a revolution They were going to bring the proletariat over the bourgeoisie so everything can be made equal The Proletariat were going to take away the capital from the Bourgeoisie and increase production Communist had pay attention to Germany because they were in a Bourgeoisie state and were quickly moving to communism 

There were ten demands of the Communist Manifesto The first one was to exploit all private ownership of land The second was to have heavy progressive income tax Then they wanted no rights to inheritance They wanted free public education Child factory labor was another problem they wanted abolished Equality was one of the main factors Marx could not call the Communist Manifesto the Socialist Manifesto There were too many different views on socialism and communism Socialism was a working class movement while communism was a working class movement They viewed socialism as respectable but they did not feel the same about communism The manufacturing system took over the feudal system of industry and the division of labor vanished There has always been a conflict between classes all throughout history There have been conflicts between slaves and free people and now middle class and working class Capitalism created the Bourgeoisie Without revolutionizing the Bourgeoisie could not exist The Communist Manifesto was popular because it changed many people's beliefs The Bourgeoisie ended the feud One disadvantage of the Bourgeoisie is that people who had jobs such as doctors would be making the same as someone who has a lower job The communist want to abolish the Bourgeoisie so everyone can be equal Marx views them as hypocrites because they are doing everything that they complained about other people doing earlier in history Marx says that religious and philosophical groups are not even worthy of being mentioned in the Manifesto The Manifesto attracted so many workers because they were all working under the same terrible conditions and they felt the same way that Marx did They wanted to be equal and stop getting underpaid for the products they produced They were the majority of the society so they outnumbered the Bourgeoisie Marx did not believe in the need for a government Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels changed the world with their Communist Manifesto They made a plan having the support of majority of the people who lived under the same conditions Marx viewed the driving force of history as being the relationship between the classes and they wanted to resolve the conflict even if it had to be violent They wanted an equal society and many people felt the same way Marx wrote that a product was worth how much work it took to make it and he was going to make this come true The Communist Manifesto changed many people's lives

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