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With the benefit of centuries of hindsight it is possible to see concrete's evolution from its discovery to its current widespread use in reinforced form as closely intertwined with the evolving needs and priorities of the societies that used it Although in the past architects and people minded construction its methods aesthetics ornamentation They did not engage with the unknown problem of the pollution at the time Now that we know how our decisions constructions are influencing the world design outcome is different The project might be simple construction wise and appearance but highly sustainable and ecology driven Our and the worlds needs changed and cannot be ignored anymore that's why the design outcome is and should evolve directly according Today a new powerful need is emerging to reduce the environmental impact of human activities including building use fewer materials and less energy and consider the entire design life cycle from conception through manufacture to disposal Being one of the main materials today concrete has its advantages and disadvantages It is economical since the ingredients mentioned already are readily available and relatively long life span gives it reliability also as low maintenance it does not decay corrode or rot as other building materials It also has the ability to be moulded or casted into many desired shapes can occur on the work site which reduces shipping cost For fire hazard concrete is able to withstand high temperatures hence it is often used for storm shelters Although disadvantages are quite high

The cement industry is one of the highest producers of carbon dioxide emission a potent greenhouse gas causing also damage to the topsoil fertile layer of the earth Dangerous air pollution can be caused by concretes dust released by building demolition or natural disasters As mentioned carbon dioxide emissions create up to 5 of worldwide made emissions of this gas of which 50 is chemical process and 40 from burning fuel 2 2 Self healing Concrete Self healing concrete might be the best and for today the newest solution filling any fissures that appear over time whilst having a specialized bacterium Pt 8 An endless variety of bacteria occur in nature and many are well adapted to artificial environments of which some are extreme so these microorganisms have been called extremophiles From a human perspective concrete may appear to be a supremely inhospitable environment for life form dry and rock solid within However to these bacteria it poses few challenges A select group of extremophiles not only thrive in barren conditions but also naturally produce limestone This ability can be harnessed to seal holes and strengthen weak areas Concrete is incorporating these hardy bacteria known as BioConcrete funnily named also as health conscious concrete could benefit both economy and the environment because traditional building materials are ubiquitous it is expensive to maintain and creates a tremendous carbon footprint as mentioned before

The self healing material would lower the cost of remediation as well as reduce the demand for cement which currently contributes more than 5 to the world s human generated carbon dioxide emissions If concrete cracks which it will no matter how carefully the mix is made or the reinforcement fixed the water goes through and causes the leakage also it can reach the reinforcement and make the steel beams corrode and make the whole structure collapse thus bacteria not only heals the cracks but also prevents from hazardous events This whole project was generated and bacteria was found by Professor Henk Jonkers Dutch CiTG Microlab Delft University of Technology The Netherlands Bacteria is added to the mix and does not dissolve while it is mixed it only activates when concrete cracks and water reaches through in this situation water is the key to activating it Afterwards bacteria extremophiles start to produce limestone and fill up the gaps although leaving a mark which gives a new aesthetic look to concrete which can be recognized because of this reason Pt 7

The question afterwards is if we build structures that would stand more than a lifetime how we should approach the design process Should we consider present architecture trends or create futuristic looks that might implement adapt later on Buildings these days can be demolished even when the architect of it is still present Societies accelerated the change of needs regarding to technological involvement turns out in a fast change of opinion Because of new technologies big screens and bombastic visuals people tend to get bored easily A solution for this new material being integrated into the design is modularity and interchangeability If the structure is easy to change and adapt to its surroundings it can survive for way longer Creating a core for a building and not giving it one and only purpose might be a positive alternative in the context of its lifespan which means creating a design for megacities that are approaching inevitably

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