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What is conflict Conflict is a serious disagreement or argument typically a protracted one and fighting between two or more groups of people or countries According to what we have studied conflicts may arise under three different situations which are conflict between one person and another conflicts between two different types of rights and last but not least conflict between various values and concerns Everyone in the world is unique and we have different points of view towards an issues and object Therefore it will indirectly caused conflicts to happen Conflicts normally caused due to opposing values or opinions and conflicts is one of the integral part in our daily lives as conflicts occurred in everywhere and everyday There are various types of conflicts that happening in the world such as ethical conflict normative conflict and conflict between groups The world is a violent place and for various political economic religious and other reasons wars and conflicts often erupt Conflicts often happened between countries including conflicts between two different countries and internal conflict in a country The conflicts has been one of the most common issue in the world and action need to be taken immediately to settle it We have found an article in the internet which was about an accident that happened in Malaysia and conflict between North Korea and Malaysia that eventually caused serious affect in relationship of this two countries The article was about the death of Kim Jong Nam the estranged elder brother of North Korea s erratic leader Kim Jong un 

According to the media reports and investigations Kim Jong Nam died on 13 February 2017 in Malaysia as the result of a suspected chemical attack The death of Kim Jong Nam had caused a conflict between Malaysia and North Korea and due to the accident the conflict caused had seriously affected the relationship between this two countries Kim Jong Nam's death is caused by a chemical weapon namely VX nerve agent He is attacked by a 28 year old Vietnamese woman named Đoàn Th ị H ươ ng and 25 year old Indonesian woman named Siti Aisyah They grabbed him from behind and splashed a liquid on his face and covered his face with a cloth laced with a liquid He is first treated at Menara Medical Clinic and died on the way from airport to Putrajaya Hospital Malaysian government wished to conduct autopsy on Kim's body and it is objected by North Korean diplomats However the autopsy processed as they did not submit a formal protest North Korea s ambassador Kang Chol accused Malaysia of collaborating with the country's enemies over the assasination of Kim Jong Nam due to Malaysia s refusal to release the body immediately The North Korea s ambassador Kang Chol also claimed that they would reject the outcome of post mortem 

They perceived Malaysia s decision as violation of human right and lodge a complaint to International Court of Justice The ambassador also proposed that Malaysia and North Korea should have a joint investigation so that it will be fair for both side as well as to avoid misunderstanding However this proposal is rejected by Malaysia In my opinion this conflict would happen because both countries have different ideas Malaysia insisted to solve this case according to the procedure of the constitution in Malaysia while North Korea thought that Malaysia was collaborating with South Korea and United States to tarnish its image This shows that how a conflict would happen if both side are selfish and narrow minded Socrates said that an argument has to be done with moral values or principle Two of the moral rule or principle for an argument were we must not harm anyone and we must fulfill our agreement Besides the moral form that should be applied in this case is situational ethics form According to situational ethics form Malaysia and North Korea have to make decisions and act based on the specific situation North Korea has banned Malaysian citizens from leaving the country and Malaysia has responded with a tit for tat ban in an escalation The ban that North Korea made is irrational as the incident that happened in Malaysia is not Malaysia s fauth The government of North Korea should done deeper investigation to this specific situation before taking any action against Malaysia In conclusion conflicts are inevitable in our daily life Moral values and principles should always be looks no matter what conflicts that we faced The conflict that happened between Malaysia and North Korea because of both sites have different points of view towards Kim Jong Nam's death Therefore Malaysia and North Korea needed to get together and discuss this issue to achieve win win solution in this case War economic losses and foreign affairs can be prevented if conflict between two countries was solved Tolerant honesty and love with each other were very important when dealing with any kinds of issues in our life Every people can live peacefully and tranquilly if tolerant honesty and love were applied in our daily life

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