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In the beginning of the story we immediately notice that Connie is insecure She feels like she is constantly needing attention She has a habit of looking into mirrors to make sure she looks alright like any typical girl She knew she was pretty and that was everything Oats explains This means she felt like she had nothing else to offer other than her looks Her mother always nagged at her and picked on her for the smallest of things When Connie looked at herself in the mirror her mother would scold her by saying Stop Gawking at yourself Who are you You think you re so pretty Her mother even favorited Connie's sister June over her and always compared Connie to her in a negative way Her mother would ask questions like Why don t you keep your room clean like your sister Her mother would pick at her until she wished her mother was dead and she was dead herself Her mother did everything but boost her self esteem Her father was barely ever around and when he was he was not interactive with the family When she left the house to go to the mall with her friends she was so glad to be away from home she felt like she was on a mini vacation Connie loved to hang around older boys and get their attention because it made her feel wanted and popular June went out with her friends a lot so when

Connie wanted to go with her friends her mother had no objections Her mother wanted Connie to be just like June Her friend s father took them three miles down the road where they could go to the mall out to eat or watch a movie One day Connie met a boy Eddie and she and her friend parted ways for the evening Connie rode with Eddie in his car to the restaurant On the way there she noticed a boy with shaggy hair staring at her He began to grin and said Gonna get you baby Eddie did not notice and Connie just blew it off Connie spent three hours with Eddie feeling free and joyful Eddie and she spent the three hours in his car down an alleyway we can only assume what they did Connie is a normal teenager girl that every guy seems to want to be with The boy with shaggy hair later arrived at her house on Sunday while her family was away at her aunt s barbeque His name was Arnold Friend and after seeing her around town with other guys he had taken interest in her He had ended up stalking her and her family He knew where her family was and what they were doing He became obsessed with her He tries to convince her to come for a ride in his golden Jalopy car Throughout the story the tone increases very rapidly once Arnold Friend arrives at her house Connie notices all the off things about him He says that he is eighteen but Connie thinks that he is in his thirties

He knows where her family is what they are doing and how long they will be at her aunt s barbeque He seems as if he is wearing a wig and she notices that one of his boots is at a weird angle as if they are too big for him and he is only wearing them so he will appear taller He calls her things like Honey baby and sweet little blue eyed girl Connie was very scared and she threatened to call the police if he got any closer to her house Arnold promised not to come into the house as long as she didn't call anyone but she was fearful and ran to the phone to find out the lines were not working Arnold is very psychotic and implies that he will burn down the house if he can not get to her He threatens that if the family were to come home they were gonna get it When Connie come to the realization of how much danger she is in the story shifts gears The language used in the text moves from realism to almost surreal or supernatural Connie is described as feeling possessed her heart is a pounding living thing inside this body that wasn't really hers either she watched herself push the door slowly open as if she were back safe somewhere in the other doorway This sounds more like a science fiction or horror film than the everyday world that Connie lives When

Arnold calls her his blue eyed girl when her eyes are really brown Connie s transformation into something else is complete It is unexplainable why she left the used to be safety of her home and went into the unknown future of Arnold s arms She finally decided to go with him after he threatened to hurt her family if they came home She wanted them to be safe even though she did not like them all the time Family is family This is my assumption of her deciding factor When Connie began to go towards him she saw the vast sunlit reaches of the land behind him and on all sides of him so much land that Connie had never seen before and did not recognize except to know that she was going to it Throughout the story we make the idea that Arnold Friend will sexually assault Connie or possibly murder her The ending to this story opens up many questions Is she escaping from her family Is she making a noble act of self sacrifice joining Arnold so he won t harm her family Are the sunlit reaches her walking towards her death Or has she fallen apart and submitted totally to Arnold s will

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