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Death Penalty in the United States

Surname,Name ,Instructor, Course ,Date. Death Penalty in the United States. The words capital punishment or death penalty often provokes strong emotional sentiments. Not many issues elicit a similar emotional opinions among individuals. After all the death penalty involves a judgment on whether an individual has to die or live. However, capital punishment involves more than just the notion of right or wrong as it involves the arguments related to the method cost and purpose. The ethical, philosophical and religious principles are major factors surrounding the controversy over the death penalty. The argument that capital punishment is a distinctive and effective crime deterrent is critical proponents of capital punishment have particularly claimed the deterrence value. Nonetheless, accurate and proven evidence should be applied to draft policies that reflect the wish of Americans. Therefore the death penalty should be abolished in the United States of America, because it breaches human rights, puts innocent lives at risk and does not deter crime, use life incarceration as punishment for murder crimes. Capital punishment has been an intricate and controversial subject for centuries. According to Sarisky death penalty dates back to 18th century B C, with the creation of Hammurabi code that included crime and punishment.

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