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Human values or How to stop human degradation globally

How to stop human degradation globally. Contrary to what we may be tempted to think based on media reports humanity has numerous good things going for it. On the other hand, it is true that there is a degradation to be found in various aspects of our mentality, it would be dishonest not to acknowledge it. While nobody has a definite solution that would change us for the better, it is important that we take some simple measures into consideration. Everyone can improve as a person over time helping build a better world as a result. Any small contribution becomes a force to be reckoned with in numbers. Here are a few things that we should do in order to improve the world. 1 Switch the focus from the individual to our society. It has been a long habit for children to be taught an individualistic approach when it comes to life no matter how much importance is given to social activities when it comes to goals to follow, they are almost always focused on their own well being. People are taught from a young age that success means acquiring big personal gains be it financial romantic or professional. Children are encouraged to have a competitive sense one that can only be fed by doing better than others in life. This shifts the worldview to default selfishness as many begin to place themselves at the center of the universe. What we should train instead is the ability to think of others.

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Memories, Experiences and Lessons of Seniors. Life Narratives.

I hadn’t come to realize until now how special and inspiring it is for someone to bestow their life experiences on you to open up and provide one with the gift of important memories, experiences and lessons that shape who they are today. But now I do. When I was in fourth grade it started with a school visit to a nursing home It ended with the ceremony of a bench being placed it still is there today. The plaque was engraved with a simple message. In Honor of the Students That Make Wallingford Elementary. What it is insert name here I was about nine or ten talking with my friends on the bus ride to the Martins Run nursing home. All of us were in the Gifted Seminar at Wallingford Elementary and one of the extracurricular activities we had started was to collect seniors' stories and compose our own fictional pieces based on their life narratives. The bus hissed as the air brakes let out a sigh of a complaint. We arrived Walking up to the rotunda I admired the large poinsettias in the window and the winter cabbages dusted with frost. We stepped inside. The automatic doors squealed and a burst of warm dry air sprayed me in the face. The receptionist greeted us with a smile. Hey Welcome to Martin’s Run. Are you guys visiting some of our residents. We nodded a reply.

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Effect of social connectedness, life events, appraisal shame and guilt among adults

Introduction. In this era of socializing in our global village, being connected is very common and this over connectedness leads to many stressful and unhappy life events resulting in shame and guilt. Life is incomplete without socializing and it is basically the tendency that how people understand, communicates and interacts with each other. People who suffer from poor interpersonal relationships tend to have less connectedness and are more likely to have difficulty in coping with different social situations Robbins 1995. Unhappy social connectedness makes an individual suffer from maladaptive behaviors and great distress when they try to avoid social situations Kohut 1984. The distress that individuals suffer is a negative feeling that affects the mental health Lazarus 1966. This may lead to the intensity of shame and guilt. Social connectedness is the interaction of people in daily routine. it can be a classroom, office, home and any social setting. Social connectedness is more likely to have a positive outcome, so it is thought to be a good and healthy thing. On the other hand, its negative outcomes are ignored, that are more adverse in nature and have serious effects.
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