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Contemporary issue How are zero hour contracts having an impact on issues with motivation within the workplace Word count Student ID 17015011 Introduction of the issue For the first part of this essay I will discuss the contemporary issue that managers face in the 21st century which is how motivation is having an impact within the workplace and for the second part I will reflect on myself personally on how I performed in the two tasks carried out in the seminar groups Motivation is defined as enthusiasm for doing something as stated by Cambridge dictionary they also define enthusiasm as a feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and an eagerness to be involved in it which I would say relates more to the younger workforce as when younger members get interested in something they commit one hundred percent to it as they don t have any other responsibilities compared to older people in the same work force so that is why I think enthusiasm is also defined as a subject or activity that interests you very much on the Cambridge dictionary as this would better suit older members of the work force which would impact how they are motivated in the workplace which also signifies that motivation specificity increases with age both tying with positive correlation meaning that with an increase in age there is also an increase in motivation which I think is down the responsivities they have as they get older such as putting a roof over their head and providing for their family which are needs that need to be satisfied from them working and having an income which meets their needs in life Literature which has been research to prove that people have needs is the theory by Maslow A H and the Hierarchy of needs theory

This theory states a lot about a person's needs and how specific needs need to be satisfied before another level of needs can then be satisfied Maslow illustrated this by displaying his literature as a pyramid as shown figure 1 Useful for business when the sales differ on a daily basis Literature theories Responses to the issues discussed McDonalds workers went on strike for the first time since opening it doors back in 1974 This strike action caused McDonalds to get a lot of media coverage as well as MPs such as Jeremy Corbyn tweeting about the matter in his tweet he wrote I support McDonald's workers who have balloted to strike for the first time in the UK over fair pay and conditions Reflection During task one in the seminar groups we had to discuss a contemporary issue in this group I didn't have much confidence in the presenting of the work but I took an active role in my team The use of rewards may either encourage or diminish motivation depending on the type of rewards and the context in which they are given Typically manipulation of extrinsic motivation is affected by the provision of rewards which can be either tangible e g money grades privileges etc or intangible e g praise 

This gives managers strategies to promotes positive improvement in organizations particularly motivation and performance improvement of employees For organization to improve well messages should be designed in such a way as to maximise motivation Effective communication strategies have strong effect to motivation of employees Sarah Steve 2002 References https dictionary cambridge org dictionary english motivation https dictionary cambridge org dictionary english enthusiasm https www simplypsychology org maslow html http www bbc co uk news business 39707429 https www ft com content 3de1b19c 9d1b 11e7 8cd4 932067fbf946 https www ft com content 3342e1c8 db75 11e7 a039 c64b1c09b482 https www theguardian com business 2017 sep 04 mcdonalds workers strike cambridge crayford Maslow A H 1970 Herzberg F 1959 book The Motivation to Work McGregor D M Leadership and Motivation Essays MIT Press 1966 1969

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