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Continuing professional development CPD is an ongoing process and ensures that one continues to be competent innovative and effective in the profession and has an updated knowledge and skills Especially with the legislation changes it is important that the staff remains updated so that the pupils are supported in the best possible way The importance of CPD at schools can be recognised from the fact that it is a major factor that determines the outcome of the students In a school setting CPD ensures that children have the best learning experience and achieve their maximum potential and involves enriching the staff skills based on their needs and the needs of children Regular supervision and one to one discussion with the class teacher help to identify the opportunities that can contribute to the professional development Annual appraisals are another way to review the past performance set the future targets and identify the ways to achieve them CPD can be achieved in several ways such as training courses aiming at the health and safety of children and young people like first aid food handling or safeguarding children training courses e learning distance learning lectures workshops and conferences that aim to improve the other aspects related to supporting children and young people such as specific subject related training and teaching techniques shadowing a colleague this helps to identify the strategies and understand the role from an experienced person qualification programs

Formal qualifications obtained from the recognized providers equip with the required skills research The Internet and books are a great way to keep one updated on one s practice and new trends As CPD provides opportunities to get access to various structured learning programs it makes professionals more effective and contributes to their career development It also enhances confidence and motivation and helps them to demonstrate professionalism in the workplace CPD serves to benefit the professionals and the children equally and hence all the staff should strive towards CPD to ensure a promising future for themselves and the children 3 1 Describe why teamwork is important in schools An old saying Two heads are better than one underpins the significance of teamwork Teamwork creates synergy and is a glue that keeps the team together and an oil that keeps the team working In the context of schools it is essential as it helps to achieve the best outcomes for the staff and the students The benefits of teamwork include i Builds trust and strengthens relationships In a team people rely on each other and this builds trust and fosters strong relationships with the teammates Trusting each other reduces the insecurity and helps people to appreciate and believe in the distinct abilities of each other It enables mutual support and develops a sense of belonging which contribute greatly to the job satisfaction 

A cohesive group in a school would work towards the welfare of children effectively ii Shares the tasks and promotes ownership Teaching is indeed a stressful job but when the staff works as a team it eases the pressures and reduces the stress As the strengths and weaknesses of each other are known in a team the work is divided appropriately so that it is done by the most proficient member and thus the work gets done efficiently and effectively Sharing the workload helps to reduce the individual errors and promotes the ownership of a job Everyone is engaged and feels proud to contribute iii Enhanced communication Teamwork facilitates clear and effective communication which allows everyone to be aware of their role in a job Moreover communication is the key to avoid any conflicts and misunderstandings in a team iv Shares strengths and expertise and helps solve issues When the staff works as a team they can build on each other's strengths Each staff member has a different set of knowledge experiences and ability and when they share them with each other it not only adds to the experience of the team but results in better teaching outcomes for children Teamwork helps to identify and resolve any issues that may be beyond the scope of any one individual v Promotes creativity and learning

Creativity and learning are fundamental to any profession but in schools these are very important to provide the best learning opportunities for the pupils from different backgrounds and with different abilities Teamwork brings people together from different backgrounds and levels of experience that serves as an opportunity for professional development and learning vi Serves as a good role model Teamwork is an important skill to be developed by the pupils and they are always encouraged to show that in their activities and games However modelling teamwork by the teachers is a great way to imbibe the spirit of teamwork in children When they see how their teachers work as a team together they are more likely to implement it in their own practices vii Supports high quality care and education Teamwork ensures that high standards of care and quality education is offered to the children in school The synergy of individuals is powerful and teamwork is vital to the success of the staff and the students and should be modelled to make the schools a great place to work and to learn

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