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I am responsible for the Stock Controller Logistics

My Position and Company profile I will start with the company profile and introduce the role I held from beginning to end during the business simulation The company I attended is Ledge which products have a reputation in the market for being highly innovative and somewhat daring There an extensive range of partners and suppliers in raw materials software power supply and it expected delivery lead time to both Cache Cow and individual customers is a maximum 6 minutes I am responsible for the Stock Controller Logistics the aim of my role is to guarantee that there is enough stock to build the required quantity and types of products and there is sufficient inventory of finished products to deliver to customers on time 1 2 Formal and Informal Job Changes Since the worst case that has steadily been losing profit on the following day in the simulation thus the job changes strategy has arisen within our organisation Throughout I have engaged the role of Stock Controller as the formal job changes seeing that I am fully acquainted with the workload no matter procuring components from suppliers and dispatching finished products to customers 

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There is an augmented in the utilization of computed tomography CT

There is an augmented in the utilization of computed tomography CT and magnetic resonance MRI imaging in equine orthopedic patients It is well ascertained that CT as well as MRI imaging provide superior diagnostic information in a broad range of musculoskeletal injuries people and small animals The extremely detailed cross sectional images acquired with these two modalities can sporadically elucidate pathologic alterations undetected with other widespread imaging methods While magnetic resonance imaging MRI is the gold set imaging modality for diagnosis of intracranial neoplasia computed tomography CT remains frequently utilized for diagnosis as well as therapeutic arrangement in veterinary medicine In spite of the habitual utilization of mutually imaging modalities comparisons of CT as well as MRI have not been elucidated in the canine patient Following the implementation of MRI as the diagnostic modality of preference in human as well as the veterinary medicine for intracranial disease their have been less comparisons concerning the two Morrison Lastrucci 1964 In veterinary medicine MRI is considered as the imaging modality of preference for diagnosis of intracranial lesions CT nonetheless is more broadly present than MRI in and is usually employed for radiation therapy planning for treatment of introverted intra axial neoplasm or stereotactic biopsy In broad knowledge scientist search for a systematic organization of knowledge concerning the world and its parts 

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