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Cost differences in human resource and the costs of running a business are one of the leading forces that drive managers to outsource The other reason is the availability of enough workforces with the required skills The case study of the Galaxywire net examines the outsourcing decision faced by the organization The organization is confronted by a dilemma on whether to outsource or not The decision to outsource versus not is more promising to the organization regarding possible profits Many challenges come into play that is associated with the same We will dissect the case analysis to explain if the organization is supposed to outsource at any cost and whether corporations have a moral obligation not to outsource Considering that the Indian currency is weaker than the dollar Galaxywire net will enjoy a beautiful conversion of exchange gain which makes the rates in India to be cheaper and makes this a great move to complete India has a competitive and skilled labor suitable for offshore work contracts Just like many organizations the management at Galaxywire net attempted to be cost effective To achieve this it needs to cut its expense on salaries by outsourcing labor from India Outsourcing workforce puts the organization in a moral dilemma Just like many businesses Galaxywire net business attitudes are egoistic 

They seem to be out there with a primary agenda of being competitive and they aim to succeed economically The company's corporate intention is self promotions As long as they are profitable it has a moral obligation to stick to the agreement to stay in Green Fork It would be fair if a symbiotic relationship where both the business and the society benefit The business will benefit from the resources in the community whereas the members of the society will be able to get employment opportunities in the firm The law allows it to relocate plants and outsource but the society's moral standards cannot rely solely on the law Arnold Bowie 2012 As long as the organization is not making losses it has a moral obligation to keep its promise to stay in Green Fork because relocating will cause unemployment in the community where the business has been benefiting However accepting even the first offer from the city and workers is not too much since it is an agreement where the two parties would benefit The company needed resources and the community members needed employment opportunities According to Arnold Bowie 2012 the law allows business actions such as outsourcing and plant relocation However the organization's moral standards cannot solely rely on the law Its business actions are not morally right since they will result in unemployment and benefit loss in the immediate community Outsourcing has a negative impact on the Green Fork community as it destroys their jobs 

It is prudent for the Galaxywire net management to consider and stick to the deal made between them and the city Outsourcing will make the Galaxywire net employees lose their jobs and suffer from financial challenges for some time According to Cook 2012 outsourcing lowers the ability of employees to afford some essential goods and thus their quality of life will be affected The economy of our country will be changed in the long run Most of the white collar professions will disappear to India if they consider outsourcing However outsourcing may fail as it has happened to other companies Some of the companies have ended up frustrating their clients because of outsourcing employees who do not understand the American culture Rusu 2015 Secondly many American customers are hostile to outsourcing This makes it hard for companies to outsource as they seek to maintain their customers loyalty and avoid bad publicity Although the employees requested the pay cut to keep the company there is a moral obligation for the Galaxywire net to treat the employees well Otherwise they will sit and watch their employees seek a new career or look even for a second income A socially responsible firm is a good firm In this case it is demeaning and disrespectful for any company to cut the wages of the employees to maximize the profits for stockholders Galaxywire net accomplished this and is one of the companies that does not conform to this requirement To put it in Kantian context the employees at Galaxywire net should not accept to be treated merely as a means for the company to reach its goals regardless of any existing net positive value

The company has a moral obligation to treat the employees well or else the employees will look for new employers instead of sticking at Galaxywire net In conclusion Galaxywire net should consider keeping its promise and cooperate with the Green Fork community This is the right decision As we all know there is no certainty about the Indian labor market and how it can help the organization be successful Management should not only focus on profits but also the welfare of the community and its long term stability There should be a balance between the interests of the stakeholders and the stockholders The organization has a moral obligation not to outsource for the time being

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