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Country pop has two evident music genre influences One of the two main influences of country pop is country music which was further explained before The other genre which pretty much motivated the subgenre to be created was pop Pop music is a genre of music that is often regarded as the softer alternative to rock It constitutes the type of songs that are relatively short and aimed at commercial recording The main audience for pop music is the youth market although it usually cuts across age sometimes given that this type of music constitutes relatively short love songs with a straight message that identifies with the ups and downs common in relationships of all type Kivumbi February 20 2011 Pop is a shortened version of the word popular and is used in this way as a title for the genre because pop music is very frequently listened to Pop music is played on some of the most popular music stations in the nation such as Z100 which is stationed in New York Anyway the lively elements found in pop songs and the meaningful chords as well as lyrics found in country music basically construct the subgenre In addition the different instruments pertaining to the two genres come together to create different country pop songs In pop culture the bass guitar electric guitar acoustic guitar the piano the violin the xylophone and the drums are just some of the instruments used In country music however the accordion the bass the banjo the fiddle the guitar and harmonica are usually used to perform this genre of music These two different worlds of instruments come together to create one particular type of music which is country pop

Another influenced segment of country pop is the vocal portion of the song Vocals help songs establish their significance and are included in country music and pop music To add country songs are also in fact known for their meaningful words which are incorporated in the lyrics of country pop music As you can see each genre of music has an important role to play in country pop music whether it involves the instrumental or the lyrics Country pop music has evolved over the years into a more modern type of style There are more electrically sound recordings involved with music these days especially with pop music Since pop music was very influential for country pop music this subgenre consists of different electronic sound recordings playing alongside actual instruments This changes the tempo of the beat the song goes by which causes a huge difference when it comes to how the song sounds and if it seems catchy or not When country music in general first began the various artists used actual instruments that relate to traditional country music instead of electronically recorded beats which gave the listeners country vibes Also earlier in the history of country pop music the covers of country albums also pertaining to country pop albums and records was usually traditional and full of creativity Nowadays country pop singers either pose in front of a camera and include that picture on their album covers or design a graphic with the title of their album and their name and use that instead Country pop singers are now going for a different sort of image as well These singers are showing more skin trying to look a certain way so that they could blend in with other singers involved with a different music genre Take Taylor Swift for example Swift changed from being a country pop artist to releasing electropop albums Nevertheless many of these artists try to use their songs for sending out optimistic messages to their fans This is an extremely productive step in their careers considering the fact that these country pop singers are trying to spread help and positivity throughout the world

Country music overall is changing in different ways as the years pass whether it is for the better or the worse of our society As you can see country pop music has definitely evolved from when it was first introduced to the world in the 1960s until now This subgenre was first founded by Chet Atkins and Owen Bradley with whom we would most likely not be listening to country pop music today if it were not for them Pop music and country music influenced these people to form country pop music and make it a hit for our nation In addition this subgenre of country music has changed over time and has been modernized by the artists taking part in creating and performing songs for country pop music Country pop music is a favorite of many Americans, especially those who are fans of both country and pop music The upbeat tunes and melodious sound of the instruments is one of the components to country pop music that makes is so enjoyable To conclude country pop is a subgenre of country music which might not be as popular amongst teenagers today but certainly is very popular among other Americans in the United States of America

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