Essay Example on Create a mandatory ban of not using Cell Phones Nationwide








I Title No call is worth dying we must hold human life in higher regards and create a mandatory ban of not using cell phones nationwide while driving as well as make sure these laws are enforced A General Purpose To encourage drivers to consider the dangers of using a cell phone while driving B Specific Purpose To educate everyone about the many risks of using cell phones while driving C Central Idea Using a cell phone in any form or fashion whether it be talking or texting while driving can be very dangerous and may cause you to put your life or another life at risk By using a cell phone while driving for calling texting or checking social media you can single handedly end your life or another human being Not to mention if you did survive in a crash but another person or worse persons did not you could take away your freedom and end up sitting out life in a jail cell Accidents occur every day to any form of distraction especially when using a cell phone while driving and this could entirely be prevented with laws put into place as well as those laws being enforced fully to protect not only motorists but also innocent bystanders such as pedestrians along the streets II Introduction Mitchell 2017 According to the Harris Poll 72 of those who own a cell phone say they use them to talk while they are driving most of these people 66 say they usually use the hand held rather than hands free cell phones to talk In today's society which whether it be at work or play almost everyone has a cell phone in hand Unfortunately many times people use their cell phones to get where they are going without even giving it a second thought to other people around them

That is a high percentage rate what's even worse is people consider using the cell phone as more deadly than to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol yet people still use their cell phones while driving without as much as a thought of the consequences that may result of their choices As a concerned citizen and with giving serious thought and consideration I propose and encourage others to speak up to have a mandatory ban if one is not already in place in every state banning the use of cell phones If there is a statewide ban I encourage law enforcement officials to enforce the law This would make our roads and highways much safer not only for you but also for the ones you love so dearly A Key Point 1 Almost everyone who drives uses a cell phone B Key Point 2 What exactly is distracted driving and how dangerous is it really C Key Point 3 What can be done to ensure everyone's safety III Body of Presentation A Key point 1 Almost everyone who drives uses a cell phone 1 72 of those who drive and own a cell phone say they use them to talk while driving Mitchell 2017 2 Fitch 2013 Of all cell phone related tasks texting is by far the most dangerous activity B Key Point 2 What is distracted driving and how dangerous is it really 1 Prevention There are three main types of distractions First visual distractions such as when we take our eyes of the road to make a call or text or check social media This visual distraction can end fatally Next is manual which is taking our hands off the wheel

The third distraction would be known as cognitive This happens when we take our focus off driving and onto something else 2 National Highway Traffic Safety Distracted driving according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration a division of the US Transportation Department is any activity that could divert a person's attention away from the primary task of driving It is a situation that can have fatal or life-altering changes It is not just texting or makes phone calls on a cell phone any activity that diverts a driver's attention and puts that driver and their passengers and everyone else sharing the road with them at serious risk C Key Point 3 Ahlers 2011 what can be done to ensure everyone's safety 1 Recommending laws for the limited use of electronic devices from novice drivers school bus drivers and commercial truckers outlawing non-emergency phone calls and texting by operators of every vehicle on the road 2 Implementing aggressive educational campaigns and strict enforcement will help raise awareness about the dangers associated with the use of cell phones while driving IV Conclusion

By working together we can help educate not only ourselves but also everyone else who shares the road on how we can prevent distracted driving and make our daily commute a lot safer It may take some time and energy but in the end we can do our part to show everyone in America why it is so important that cell phones should be banned nationwide while driving We must call on governors and legislators from every state such as the National Safety Council has done and advocate legislation to ban all types of cell phone use We must urge all law enforcement officers to crack down and enforce tough penalties in states that have already banned using cell phones while driving We can together make the roads that we travel each day a safer place through education and tough penalties Together we can save lives and make a difference one person one car at a time

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