Essay Example on Crime Prevention through Environmental Design









Introduction CPTED Crime Prevention through Environmental Design This concept was developed by C Ray Jeffery The concept of his theory is The proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear of crime and to an improvement in the quality of life CPTED can help the chances of reducing the criminal activity on your property It provides set of guidelines to prevent the chances of crime by using environmental factors The City of Tacoma Washington s CPTED program based on Jeffery s theory According to CPTED theory Law enforcement officers architects city planners interior designers landscape architecture and resident volunteers are the responsible persons for the creation of safety climate in a community right from the beginning There are three interrelated principles that guide basic CPTED strategies natural access control natural surveillance and territoriality These principles are encouraged to be considered throughout the design phase and construction of a project however are not required Natural Surveillance It is one of the CPTED strategies in which the objects physical features and people are placed in such a way that it provides maximum visibility for the surveillance While implementing this strategy we have to consider the daily activities of the people who are living in the residential areas so that their activities should not be interrupted Placing a deck in front of family units such that it provides better visibility of Street Bus stop and walkway Proper layout provides better visibility low shelves windows and doors should be arranged in the right areas placing CCTV or blind spot mirrors in areas such as parking near entrance and exit of the property can reduce the risk of criminal activities and trespassing Avoid landscape areas Shrubs and unnecessary items which reduce visibility around the property Provide better lighting for the property so that it can eliminate shadows and covers entire property for better visibility Natural Access Control 

This provides access of entering and leaving a property through lighting landscapes fences exits and entrance This strategy reduces the risks of criminal activities by denying access to important areas Apartment entrance playing area parking etc of the property Provide well clear paths by implementing good lighting near the streets parking and near the entrance of the building Avoid confused walkways or entries such that guest should not lost and look for the exact entry While designing the layout measurement of the path should be considered and it should be planned and implemented accordingly this includes width of the path surface of the path and ability to reach the destination Provide better physical security such as walls fences gates doors locks and if necessary surveillance cameras During development process consider surrounding properties whether it is creating negative impact for development or not eradicate such impacts whenever necessary with better access control methods Territoriality Owners have the feeling to express their ownership in their community for this they use physical attributes in the property such as fences landscape materials advertising boards pavement designs and clear indications of difference between the private property and public property Use decorative fencing and signage such that it limits the access for the intruders and if owner founds anyone they can easily report to police such signage will create the sense of ownership at that place Owners should provide defined storage areas toys for children etc so that they can be maintained 

Provide a better community interaction near the public place in property by organizing public events so that owners can maintain good relationship with residents Maintenance is one of the important factors in this strategy pavements parking lots landscape should look clean and provide sense for the people that they are in the property which is owned and maintained by someone and finally it reduces the risk of crime in such properties Objective I live in the city of Fremont CA if we consider Natural surveillance in my community there is no proper lighting at the corner of the street near parking lot and at the entrance and also there is no proper surveillance near the entrance and exit of my community due to this there are few criminal activities have been occurred in the past and after investigation police have suggested leasing officer to implement CCTV for proper surveillance in my community There are some shrubberies which block the lighting near parking lot Coming towards Natural access control I have already mentioned about the lighting of entrance besides that fencing needs to be improved old wooden fencing should be replaced with modern ones and path of the entrance has some minor repairs and it should be fixed Leasing officials should provide better physical security such as locks cameras Finally in territoriality property owners should improve the pavement designs landscaping and they must be properly maintained Those are the factors which should be developed when compared with Tacoma city Conclusion Finally I have notified my leasing officers about the flaws and they are currently working on that to provide better CPTED in my community and I became integral part of development of my community I have learned valuable concepts and its implementation through this assignment

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