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All the manual tasks that accomplish a business process needs to be automated to avoid data entry errors and finish the tasks in time This project shows in detail about how CRM functions to automate a business process for increasing sales and productivity With the use of best project management techniques that are available the author shows how this project was executed with all the stages mentioned and elaborated Problem Statement Configuring products and creation of quotes manually was slow and caused errors Usage of cross platforms to obtain the data for generating quotes was expensive As a result the sales representatives were inefficient to generate the best quote that fit the needs of the customer Larger waiting times lead to poor customer feedback Nature and Significance of the Problem While generating a quote for a product or services the sales representatives must calculate the price book and then generate a quote manually When an issue arises from the customer s side and that needs a technical assistance the sales representatives will have to assist them through phone or email Even though the sales reps were busy with other administrative duties they had to deal with these tickets cases at the same time generating quotes manually The reps were ineffective to produce quotes in time to the customers

Technical assistance that was offered through phone was time taking and complicated Due to data entry errors Sales representatives mismatched the customer's accounts with Leads and Opportunities that caused major errors in quality of service In addition to this to obtain certain data like health insurance etc the client used multiple CRMs and third party apps to generate the quotes that all summed up to operational costs Objective of the Project The main objective of the project is to automate the quote generation process of the sales representatives and reduce the operational costs By selecting an Unified CRM Automating the process helps to nullify data entry errors Improving customer support and customer base Project Questions 1 What is the need of a unified CRM 2 What are the benefits of choosing the Unified CRM over the other available CRMs 3 How was the process of data entry and creation of quotes before implementing CPQ 4 What is the performance of the sales agents after implementing Salesforce CPQ and what are the operational costs of the organization Limitations of the Project o Even though the Quoting Engine is completely native to the CRM sales representatives often need to use a third party app to sign the quote documents o Training the users to adopt the application is time taking Definition of Terms CRM CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management that improves and affects the growth of the organization financially along with focusing on satisfying its customers with special techniques or methodologies SteelBrick CPQ It is a quote to cash application that is found in the AppExchange of salesforce Salesforce CRM There are many CRMs available in the market where as salesforce CRM is just a web application that can be accessed through any smart device with internet connection User Profile Gives suitable authorizations and provisions of the CPQ app license to corresponding to the user Steelbrick CPQ is a salesforce Platform application which means that every SteelBrick CPQ user must have a salesforce license One can estimate which Salesforce user gets a SteelBrick CPQ license by assigning it from the given package Product Product is nothing but a selection from the quoting menu Any product component accessory part etc that could possibly be a quote line or an option in a bundle needs to be added as a product record in Salesforce Product Bundle Related products are grouped together that is called as a product bundle

For instance if one wants to buy a personal computer the pricing engine sorts the related products like Software Anti Virus etc By evaluating all the dependencies and relation lookup filters previous purchases of the user the products are bundled Product Options Some of the components of that are also related to the Bundle adds up to the criteria called bundle price Product options can be associated with features how the different components behave in relation to configuration pricing and constraints can be also be configured Product Features Several groups of product options and categories come in a bundle Some of the product options with similar features can have several constraints such as pick one or pick more and pick 2 of 5 Option constraints Constraints are placed on products which are defined in the Options Related List These control which options can or cannot be purchased together Option dependencies and exclusions are set up using option constraints Option constraints can also be applied to real time processing which then gives immediate feedback to the sales representative Product validation rules These rules help in ensuring the data a user selects meets certain standards These rules consist of two parts the first one being a condition to be met and the second is an error message This helps in determining whether the configured bundle is valid or not Summary variables can be used to see whether conditions are met Finally these rules can target either Quote Lines or Product Options in a bundle Product Selection Rules These rules perform actions in a bundle allowing automation of a bundle configuration They contain a set of conditions and set of actions The conditions or actions can then be used to automatically select or deselect whether to enable or disable show or hide the product options of a bundle For Product Validation Rules we can use Summary variable to drive conditions under which the rules will trigger

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