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Cuba's Tourist industry is in full swing with a record of 4 million visitors in 2016 13 more than the previous year according to the Minister of Tourism Surprisingly this is more than double the increase the Cuban Government had expected However this increase in tourism does not reflect the true environment state of Cuba The instability variables that challenge Cuba are politics military information and infrastructure Cuba's President Raul Castro has pledged to step down in April of 2018 The tightly guarded circles of Cuba's politics are uncertain for current and future stability which is causing a political malaise First Cuba has a deteriorating relationship with the Trump Administration which has caused some major political impacts On June 16 2017 President Trump delivered a speech on the United States views on Cuba President Trump explained Our policy will seek a much better deal for the Cuban people and for the United States of America We do not want U S dollars to prop up a military monopoly that exploits and abuses Our new policy begins with strictly enforcing U S law 

As a result the Cuban Policy will put a ban on American tourism which is one of Cuba's major money flow for military operations All Cubans between the ages of seventeen and twenty eight must serve at least two years in the military However more Cubans reach the age of military service than required resulting in soldiers conducting national service work on government farms and construction projects According to the Central Intelligence Agency CIA library facts Cuba has relied heavily on the Soviet Union for military economic and logistical support Consequently the collapse of the Soviet Union has Cuba with shortages on replacement parts for its existing equipment and has increasingly affected operational capabilities due to using older military technology 2013 According to the global fire power GFP Cuba currently has 50 main battle tanks including the T 62 and the T 55 GFP Cuba has 1 830 armored fighting vehicles consisting of BRDM 2 BTR 100 and BMP 1 GFP Cuba s airpower consist of 39 attack aircraft including MiG 21 MiG 23 MiG 29 and four Mi 24 attack helicopters GFP Cuba s information variable is unstable due to the Communist Party of Cuba The Communist Party of Cuba controls every sector in Cuba including the media The media must operate within following laws against anti government propaganda which may result in a penalty of up to three years in prison claims the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC The Cuban government possesses and controls all communication media with private responsibility for media being restricted in any case a few online autonomous news destinations exist and those that are not transparently incredulous of the administration are frequently endured The Cuban government works 5 national TV systems numerous TV stations 6 national radio systems a global station and Radio TV Marti that is channeled from the US CIA 2017 Private citizens are prohibited from buying computers or accessing the internet without special authorization

Foreigners may access the internet in large hotels but are subject to firewalls Some Cubans buy illegal passwords on the black market or take advantage of public outlets to access limited email and the government controlled intranet CIA July 2016 When it comes to Cuba s infrastructure it has not changed since the late 1950 s The inflow of foreign cash does not reveal the inadequate plumbing telecommunications refrigeration and transport infrastructure of Cuba Cuba has been in an economic crisis since the fall of the Soviet Union and suffered under more than five decades of US economic sanctions The Cuban government maintains the exclusive right to import items to the island and at state run hardware stores In addition to this many building materials are overpriced or simply nonexistent on the island The lack of new construction has led Cubans to subdivide their homes putting major strain on an already weak structure On September 12 2017 Hurricane Irma revealed the true weakness of Cuba s infrastructural state According to a CNN report 5 deaths resulted from collapse buildings from Hurricane Irma s aftermath Prior to Hurricane Irma in 2008 some 200 000 families across the island were left homeless due to disastrous hurricanes Buildings in Cuba are simply crumbling do to old age and reports show that 7 out of 10 house need major repairs Surprisingly three houses collapse either partially or completely every single day in Cuba Cuba is still rebuilding with Hurricane Irma even delaying the election political transition of Raul Castro who was originally scheduled to step down in February 2018 Raul Castro will be superseded as president by First Vice President Miguel Diaz Canel 57 who has assured he will continue to enforce Castro's policies Some of these policies include sanctioning the slow and circumscribed prelude of private enterprise into Cuba a centrally orchestrated economy while maintaining a single party system and tight regime control of virtually all aspects of life on the island Cuba s future is full skepticism and its unstable politics military and infrastructure just may be the sign of a communist nation on the path of a modern revolution

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