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Culinary Arts Distinguished Chefs Essay Joseph Favre Born in Vex a municipality of Switzerland on the day of February 17 of 1849 Joseph Favre was one of the most important chefs of the 19th century He was best known for his four volumes of the Practical Universal Cooking Dictionary or le Dictionnaire universel de cuisine pratique He was also a follower of Antonin Carême one of the first renowned celebrity chefs He was the first to bring forth the idea of culinary competitions and exhibitions and may have even started the concept of molecular gastronomy bringing science into cooking Chef Favre has lead a very interesting and fulfilling life with many accomplishments that have made him the figure in the culinary world he is today Orphaned at a young age Joseph was the illegitimate child of catholic priest Victor Leblanc and Madeleine Quinodox He only got primary education but chose the path of cooking when a local lawyer raised him and told the young boy that he would have to become a priest if he didn't learn a manual trade At 14 he was sent away to Sion the capital of Valais as an apprentice cook to work for an aristocratic family for three years

After his apprenticeship Favre worked in Geneva in the Hôtel Métropole taking science classes at the University of Geneva during his stay In 1866 he left Geneva to further his culinary experience on the path to becoming a master chef Over the next few years Favre worked at many restaurants and cafés and eventually joined the Maison Chevet a well known Parisian traiteur and caterer After working in several more restaurants including the Kursaal and the Café Riche under Louis Bignon In 1870 the chef enlisted to the army of the Vosges led by General Giuseppe Garibaldi in the Franco Prussian War In 1876 Joseph was the chef at Hôtel Zaehringen in Fribourg and supposedly prepared meals for the Bishop of Orléans and Empress Eugénie In Geneva September of 1877 Joseph Favre launched La Science Culinaire the first time a chef has ever run a journal It took chef contributions and could have began the concept of combining science with cooking Around this time he was also the first to bring the idea of competitions and exhibitions in the culinary world These would be educational too showcasing their professional and artistic skills and serving as qualifications to chefs who passed public tests The first exhibition was held in Frankfurt in 1878 The Union Universelle pour le Progrès de l Art Culinaire or the Universal Union for the Progress of Culinary Art in english was founded by Favre in 1879 and has grown to 80 sections globally

The main division and headquarters is the Société des Cuisiniers Français in Paris After founding the union Favre was expelled along with five others for hostile actions in attempt to bring a split in society and founded a rival culinary academy Many colleagues disapproved of the chef sponsoring free lectures and cooking classes for the public because they thought he was revealing secrets of professional chefs secrets One of Favre's greatest accomplishments is his Dictionnaire universel de cuisine pratique The Practical Universal Cooking Dictionary is four volumes containing thousands of menus recipes and profiles of well known people in the culinary world with an interesting history of cooking as said by Prosper Montagné s Larousse gastronomique The complete four volumes was completed in 1895 with the following notice for readers Struck by the considerable number of fanciful terms and names given to dishes on restaurant menus and the menus of dining rooms I have long thought that classification in the form of a dictionary including the etymology history food chemistry and properties of natural foods and recipes would be a book most useful to society Dictionnaire universel de cuisine Writing this book has made a very big impact on the culinary world and information inside of these volumes are still used today by many Producers of traditional foods in the dictionary still use Favre s mention as an endorsement for products today Favre has even given instructions for how meals for people of all ages and health levels in an 1889 congress Joseph Favre has made huge contributions to the culinary world He has helped create the building blocks of cooking and bringing a new view with concepts of culinary gastronomy and applying science to everyday recipes Joseph has created journals and universities that helped give a leap forward to culinary Europe Favre also helped bring forth the idea of hygienic cooking to France so that the immense resources of nature could be used to their full potential Chef Favre is one of the most important figures in culinary gastronomy and is admired by chefs who follow in his path worldwide Cites Sourced Revolvy LLC Joseph 2BFavre on Revolvy com Trivia Quizzes www revolvy com main index php s Joseph 2BFavre item_type topic Favre Joseph Encyclopedia com www encyclopedia com food encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps favre joseph

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