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Cultural Differences. The Official Language Perhaps the most troubling factor in the Anglo Mexican relationship. was the cultural conflicts between these two very different people. The Anglos who had agreed to learn the Spanish Language groused about using it for official business and soon began pressing for an exception for Anglos where the Official Language could be dumped for English. The Anglos Faith and Belief. The Anglos had agreed to become Roman Catholics but continued their protestant faith long after they settled in Texas. Although they had promised to fully convert to Roman Catholics some of them found that very difficult when they arrived to Texas. But what do you expect You are basically telling a group of people who have practiced their religion for a thousand years or more to change it all and throw it over their shoulder.

The Strange Military. The Anglos found the military role quite strange. The Hispanic culture accepted a very active role by the military far more active than anything, the Anglos had ever seen or were willing to accept Governmental Differences. The Power Texas felt that the governmental power should be vested primarily in local and state governments which is closer to the people who were more representative and more easily controllable. Texas just couldn't agree on where the governmental power should be vested. It's like when you're having a movie night but you just can't decide on whether you should watch Finding Nemo or Finding Dory. This was way worse than deciding between a movie The Uncontrollable and Tyrannical Dictatorship. Centralists who wished to allot the overwhelming majority of power to the central national government in Mexico City were fought tooth by nail and there were some broken teeth by those all across Mexico who felt this would amount to an uncontrollable and tyrannical dictatorship. Now you may ask the dear reader what oh what is an uncontrollable and tyrannical dictatorship. Well, let me tell you something Remember Count Olaf. How he bossed the children around, gave them one bed and made them wash the toilet with their toothbrushes. That is a form of tyranny. Tyranny is when a ruler has absolute power and authority and uses that power in a cruel unjustly way just like how Count Olaf forced the children to do meaningless tasks because he was their guardian. If you can call him that Siete Leyes, Siete Leyes meant the Seven Laws in Spanish. The Seven Laws were a group of constitutional instruments that deeply changed the organizational structure of the first Mexican Republic.

They were made into law under President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna on December 15, 1835, to centralize and strengthen the federal government when the independence of Mexico was in question. The Centralists and Santa Anna won out with the enactment of Siete Leyes Slavery. 

Abolished Slavery. Over the years Mexico took repeated steps to limit or abolish slavery as they saw that it was slowly but surely getting out of control. Two and a half decades later Texans still felt strongly about Black Slavery and attached to it for both economic and social reasons, that they would secede from the United States and wage a civil war rather than see it over. They thought of slaves like workers but they didn't have to pay them and they were treated way worse than any worker. About Slavery Slavery was very common in the 1800s. It was mostly black slaves but there were a few white slaves too. Slaves were treated like objects like they had no feelings any thoughts and as if they weren't human at all. Slaves were treated like machines and even worse than machines. When a slave did something that displeased its owner they were usually punished in any form. The most common form was whipping the slaves. There were very few kind slave masters out there that could warm the heart of the slave. And even then that heart could not be set free. How It Started. Slavery in America started when the first African slaves came to the North American colony of Jamestown Virginia in 1619 to help produce crops, like tobacco. Slavery was practiced all throughout the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries and African American slaves helped build the economic foundation of the new nation. By the mid 19th century America's westward expansion along with a growing abolition movement in the north would start a great debate over slavery that would tear the nation apart in the bloody American Civil War. Although the Union victory freed 4 million slaves the legacy of slavery continued in American History. There are many people out there who are trying to free slaves from their master's clutches. If you want to help the slaves set up posters about freeing slaves and you will be blessed. If you like slaves and own one then I have only one thing to say WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

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