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Talk Climate Change How it's affecting our environment and how the media views it

Talk Climate Change How it's affecting our environment and how the media views it How do you feel about climate change and is the planet getting warmer Climate change is real but still after what's happening in the weather and how Antarctica is melting the media and public still do not take it seriously As if the information scientist give is biased the Republicans of the united states say that climate change is caused by humans But that is wrong it is not caused by us it is caused by what we are doing The planet is getting warmer by 2 degrees it may seem like a lot but if you see records and compare temperatures from now to 1980 but 2 degrees is actually high What do you know about chemtrails do you think they re safe for the environment Chemtrails are very dangerous the government is releasing it into the air and they are spraying aluminum and other compounds in the air Now chemtrails are a geoengineering program were airplanes fly at high altitudes and spray chemicals into the atmosphere including aluminum barium and strontium Those metals fall to the ground they land to our bodies in our soil trees food and water This is all documented you just need to know where to look because this is something news outlets do not talk about Recently President Trump signed an executive order for the nation to stop chemtrailing but it was all biased jets are still releasing elements in the air that are hurting the people 

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The Fallen Heart Sarah Meng

Sarah Meng English 9 5th Hour December 19th The Fallen Heart Sarah Meng Today was my birthday the day where I can celebrate another one plus number to my age I was 15 to this year and no one cares I was at home and I saw my dad sitting on the couch while doing nothing but watching TV and munching on his junk food I don t know how he could live like this he always ends up in the hospital On the other hand my caring mother who has been on and off with two jobs day and night are trying to keep us together She s been trying to file a divorce but is going through stress with lawyers and other such I couldn t really tell my father but he looked depressed and heartbroken And for me I ve been having difficulties in school Facing my social anxiety I feel really ashamed Since the beginning of first grade I ve always been that lonely kid in school who would never talk to anyone I guess I find it weird considering that I have no courage to make any new friends It always seems so easy to talk to my family members but in public it s tough especially with the people you ve never known in your life I m living a dreadful life a life where I wish I never existed No wonder why I always hide in the bathroom during lunch period Some days I would skip classes just so I can be away from everything I wish I could disappear I woke up in the morning the next day realizing it was a school day My alarm clock was screaming for me to wake up Aw man another day of torture I whispered I dressed up brushed my teeth and headed downstairs When I arrived at school I felt like I have butterflies in my stomach I didn t want to be here with a bunch of people that I can t talk to I wanted to flee After a moment of thoughts going through my head a group of girls who doesn t seem to be popular asked me to be friends

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