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Cybersecurity and the security of information in healthcare systems are today one of the main challenges in terms of patient safety Because many devices can store patient's protected health information PHI it is difficult for hospitals to keep patient data safe Among doctors who access health records and internal hospital emails via tablets and smartphones digital hackers become more sophisticated in their techniques for stealing PHI As technology advances sophisticated ways of obtaining that information also appear without going through legal routes Hospitals clinics and other care centers face many cybersecurity challenges with new health technologies With the need for security demanded by the government the massive amounts of confidential data and a constantly changing technological environment health care is among the economic sectors that face the most important challenges in the implementation of effective IT solutions IT managers in healthcare settings must balance the stringent privacy and security requirements with the need to constantly improve IT infrastructure and performance From small medical offices to major hospitals the healthcare IT environment is increasingly complex and if not managed properly can have a negative impact on patient care The first line of defense is to work closely with your IT department and any medical device manufacturer to make sure that the equipment your hospital uses has the latest security updates installed 

Any device used to store or access PHI must be encrypted and access to the network must be limited only to those who need it According to The Impact of Cybersecurity on Patient Safety 2017 For me the lack of knowledge about cybersecurity may be the biggest issue says Ruelas Doctors and other hospital staff must use strong and unique passwords when accessing email and your EHR to keep patient information secure Healthcare organizations face increasing IT costs due to many factors including government regulations increasing energy needs and the pressure to coordinate effectively with new computer systems and updates Considering the challenges healthcare providers are changing the ways they manage the IT infrastructure including increasing the use of cloud services and virtualization models The information technology environment is not alien to the profitability of the investment Therefore when a project is proposed for technological improvements surely there is a cost analysis and a return on investment related to the investment project In relation to this many of the hospitals clinics and small healthcare companies do not assume the possibility of investing large amounts of money to improve their computerized security systems This of course leads to the vulnerability and leakage of private information from patients But the question is how well do the companies that defend the investment show that the returns are not negatively influencing the overall costs of medical care Technology can quickly consume time and money within an organization which shows that the risk is great if the needs for investment are not grounded Many CEOs justify performance based on the income levels of the organization and capture projects through the budget process It is equally important to analyze the ways in which a technology project affects the overall costs of medical care especially in providers of large practices such as hospital systems 

According to The Impact of Cybersecurity on Patient Safety 2017 If hackers are able to access patient records and information they will conceivably have the capability to change and manipulate patient data which could have disastrous consequences Think of someone changing medications patient vital signs or even diagnoses says Work Most of the time cyber attacks occur when someone with little computer knowledge or no knowledge clicks where it should not or what seems to be an innocent link This action can lead to a virus spreading and affecting the entire network and the General information of the hospital clinic or company According to Conaty Buck 2017 In 2016 more than 16 million patient records were stolen from healthcare organizations in the United States and more than 150 million individuals have had their medical records stolen since 2010 And of course the result was due to the lack of investment by the shareholders in the training of health personnel the implementation of modern computer security systems and their constant updating Because not only depends on making large investments in these sophisticated systems but it is important to update periodically Many medical devices contain settings for integrated computer systems that can be vulnerable to cyber attacks That is why it is necessary to equip these systems with the highest technological continuity

 That of course brings large investments of money and if you do not have the right staff it is very likely that you will spend a lot of money without the security required If these devices are hacked an unauthorized user could remotely alter the information and operation of an entire system causing severe damage According to Cybersecurity and Outsourcing Among Top Concerns for 2018 Friedman says Some organizations have permitted or even encouraged staff and physicians to use their own electronic devices at work as a convenience or cost savings measure Although it is a measure to save the funds of the companies it is also a dangerous risk Considering that most employees not only use their devices in the workplace but also take them to their homes and in many cases even lend them to family and friends Being their personal devices they do not realize the possibility that their devices are hacked Understand how several medical devices are communicated both inside and outside the hospital environment Maintaining computer security ahead and regardless of the costs to achieve the effective maintenance and quality of medical care are vital actions that any hospital clinic or health company must achieve Developing a good knowledge of the flow of data and the way in which the devices communicate is very important Allowing and ensuring good information security strategies around all technological devices

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