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SECURITY ENHANCEMENT PROCEDURES OF CIVIL AVIATION ATTACKS JUDEA MARIE C EGAY XII Maxwell Agusan National High School Senior HS Department Cyberterrorism is becoming a global issue nowadays and there are boundless approaches to attack an aviation transport system s integrity and uprightness thinking about its increased reliance on data and communication technology Lowther Farrell 2012 Computers are now used for compromising the safety and security of civil aviation and even transforming the aircraft into protection weapons Even though the industry of aviation develops in a wide margin with its advancement improvements and innovations in the aviation design technology and effectiveness all its fragility remains a threat to cybersecurity Such reliance coordinated towards decreasing human interference and mistakes may risk the safety security and proficiency of the aircraft The trouble Mueller Stewart 2011 as well in relegating obligations brisk assault time inexpensiveness constrained counter assault instruments and the anonymity are few of the contributing elements that make cyberterrorism attacks for aviation industry partners and also their recipients hard to trace In aviation Schober 2012 there are numerous points of assault or attack for cyberterrorists oppressors and hackers or programmers from the manufacture of the aviation transportation system and its gears or equipment to any phase of their operation Cyberterrorism uses different procedures to deal with plans and develop hardware and software Goppert et al 2014 that are being utilized as a part of the air terminals and in aviation control system also it can possibly bring harm to individuals Its methods are useful to cyber terrorists as it is more secure and could actually target businesses engaged in the development of the aircraft and segments whether utilized for civil or military purposes

Thus aviation itself requires the utilization of higher guidelines or standards of security to strengthen their systems from cyberterrorists attacks Cases of civil aviation attacks are present around the globe According to Beckman 2014 Pan American Flight 103 was the first registered civil aviation attack that existed in the year 1198 After this incident more attacks affected thousands of passengers Extreme instances of civil aviation attacks that were recorded can overpower the cyberspace world that may result in impermanent shutdowns As depicted by the studies Abeyratne 2011 industries such as the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO and the Federal Aviation Administration FAA can be influenced by the civil aviation attacks despite having a substantial cybersecurity procedures Due to the potential dangers of cyberterrorism to civil aviation in the Philippines the respectability of the system security is influenced targeting the whole framework or at individual components of the aircraft causing it to manipulate the system to bring out physical attacks As expressed by Baker 2015 the Transport Security Administration TSA method is fundamental for guarding system dangers Hence there should be procedures executed to keep the impacts of cyberterrorism attacks on civil aviation Another study of Mountin 2013 found out a few occurrences that have likewise shown that Global Positioning System

GPS has been liable to purposeful and inadvertent targeting and interruption by both state and non state performing actors In this manner the study of Hartmann and Steup 2013 exhibited the statement on the vulnerability of civil unmanned aerial vehicles and other systems to civil GPS Spoofing wherein the capacity to hijack an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV by GPS spoofing Furthermore Maleta 2014 in 2010 the Beijing Convention addressed the consequences of cyber threats which is hailed by a specialist as the initial procedure in recognizing and securing the potential dangers in civil aviation industries and sectors The settlements embraced in Beijing further criminalize the demonstration of utilizing civil aviation transport system as weapons and utilizing unsafe instruments to attack the aircraft and the ground targeted The next step is to utilize the efforts of different global and local organizations that contains the components that would apply as building blocks for the improvement of laws and directions to address cybersecurity issues in aviation UNIDO 2016 The third procedure would probably be considering the importance of the national laws here in the Philippines and in some countries that have embraced Cybercrime Convention despite the fact that their adequacy is questionable Fourth procedure suggests the existing rules and guidelines and good practices that are recommended by different individuals inside the aviation industry

The fifth procedure is to see the total picture by understanding distinguishing and tolerating the presence of cyber risks and threats brought to us by cyberterrorist groups The full implications of the expanded network and reliance on IT Baldoni 2014 should be comprehended in the evolving cyberterrorism Other researchers also suggested a lot of cybersecurity procedures wherein its culture must be established through formulation and co operation between State that could be completed by empowering coordination and cooperation as well as the establishment of cyber security incident reporting and response system Santos Olmo 2016 Another suggestion Schreier 2015 is to have a reprogramming on the target data and switches that ought to be incorporated in the framework as a fallback measure when under cyberterrorism This can be accomplished by taking inputs from cyber specialists including the individuals who test vulnerabilities as third party actors and certification examination for administrators should likewise test the operators cybersecurity learning The utilization of different cybersecurity procedures in civil aviation and the usage of the advancement innovations with regards to technology is expected to limit the cybersecurity risks and threats and to avert the numerous points of attacks done by cyberterrorists With the application of these procedures both in the local and international setting it will be beneficial for the respectability of the civil aviation industries security and counteractive action of the various forms of cyberterrorism Lastly the only way to ensure the security on the field of aviation would be to keep the awareness of the improvements thereby being in a position to stand up to the dangers as opposed to bringing out a responsive activity after its occurrence

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