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DBQ Mongol During the 1350s Eurasian population experienced a massive outbreak of the bubonic plague Many know this as the Black Death As many as a quarter of the entire world were killed by the disease many of which were European There was a lack of advancement in technology and medicine which contributed to the massive population decrease The Mongols may have been another contributing factor since illness is likely to be spread through trade and expansion The Mongol conquests greatly impacted societies of Afro Eurasia in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries They provided a many years of prosperity to many of the areas they captured economically culturally and technologically but also caused tragedies such as widespread disease ethnic cleansing slavery and destruction The Mongols brought advances to the lands they conquered The Great Khan is often depicted as a noble leader but there may be bias from authors such as a Mongolian court official Mongols would spread their religious views all throughout the lands they conquered Mongke Khan wanted a religion that could be appealing to everyone so a religion that addressed all truths would be ideal Doc 5 Because William of Rubruck is a very credible source of information about what he witnessed because of the little contact he had with Monke Khan that could lead to bias In China merchants could easily buy goods with paper money received from traded silver Doc 7

Because the author directly interacted with the Chinese this being a result of the Mongols the source is therefore more important and credible William also describes experiences of his own which gives light to the benefits of the Mongol conquest on trade After the introduction of paper money the Mongol economy showed a great growth and culture was spread with ease The Pax Mongolica allowed for scholars to safely travel to different universities and spread knowledge to create a increase in the technological and scholarship advancements The economy benefited greatly from a unification of religion and culture Common religious views decreased hostility between various regions of the Mongolian empire because of the Pax Mongolica It also accelerated the already large volume trade of goods and culture The Chinese invention of paper money also helped the economy by improving mobility to merchants and their imports The Mongols would exterminate vast populations with many killings They would also enslave and rape the people they captured through their expansions

The Chinese became enslaved by the Mongols due to their rebellious ways under Mongol rule Doc 2 Marco Polo wrote about the many things he encountered on his travels However there is great potential for bias to be a factor in his thoughts of the Mongols as there were many nasty rumors about them The Mongols killed millions of people in Russia Persia and Khwarazm Doc 6 The entire population of the city Tangut had their houses invaded and destroyed Doc 1 Men women children and nuns from Novgorod were brutally killed with swords and fire by the Tartars Doc 3 Because the number of deaths were given from Persian Russian and other sources it can be assumed that the numbers have remained unchanged and accurately reflect the size of the slaughtering The murdering of the Tangut people was written for the Mongol royal family This story was deemed appropriate for the royal family because of the fact that the Tangut people were believed to have been punished for their perpetrated misdeeds The Mongols are being glorified nonetheless this source can be trusted The Mongols committed many inhumane acts against many people during their conquests They raped children women and nuns alike Doc 3 The authors of this source remains anonymous for reasons unknown but it is provided that they are monks It seems likely that the people who wrote the document were witnesses in the events they spoke of and the record of their accounts is very believable

The Mongols expansion and free travel under the Pax Mongolica led to heavier usage of trade routes which allowed diseases to be spread more quickly along the Mongol Empire Because their reign stretched along the entire length of Eurasia the Mongols caused the infamous Black Death in Europe The Mongols enslaved the Chinese because they resented the Mongols They murdered in sheer numbers destroying entire cities at times and violating women and children while doing so The impacts of Mongol conquest were both positive and negative varying in severity and extent Many of these benefits were blooming of cultural diffusion trade syncretism and technological advancement However the drawbacks were also numerous such as harsh treatment including but not limited to slavery crimes against humanity and extermination The Mongols had created what appeared to be an immortal empire but it was crushed only a century later Although similarity in views and culture did help create a unity the vast nature of empire led to problems with government and had already split into several khanates by the time of Kublai s death These smaller dynasties lasted for various amounts of time but they all ultimately decreased in size over time

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