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Cloud computing is a model that includes service provider and service consumer interacting with each other over a network It provides lots of benefits for service consumers as they can use resources on cloud Clients can use applications on cloud any platform on cloud and can any infrastructure without maintaining it Other benefits are Storage CPU utilization etc Security is big issue in cloud computing and with the passage of time attacks on security are increasing so many researchers are working to propose a solution that eliminate security issues in cloud One of the most frequent security problem is DDOS attack In DDOS attack the attacker intends either to occupy the bandwidth of server so that legitimate users can not access it or sends a large amount of traffic on particular resource to keep it busy in handling requests of attackers so that legitimate users can not use them As Cloud computing provides pay per use facility so attackers using the resources will not pay for it It causes economical losses to cloud providers Detecting attacks can also cause economical loss to some extent because attacker will keep on using resources and causing problem for legitimate users till they are detected So it is required to prevent DDOS attacks from accessing the server Many attackers make use of spoofed i e fake IP addresses

Majority of DDOS prevention techniques involves detection of attacks when requests from a particular source are above threshold level within a particular time frame So it is also needed to detect attacks if they are within threshold level This research proposal aims to propose techniques for Detecting Spoofed IP addresses and detecting DDOS attacks within threshold level For detection of spoofed IP addresses two techniques will be used Double TCP connection and Packet sniffing Wireshark will be used as packet sniffer Both of these techniques will be compared to see which one gives better results for detecting DDOS attacks And to detect DDOS attack within threshold a technique named as Auto Scaling will be used Keywords Cloud computing DDOS attacks Prevention Security Spoofed IP address Auto Scaling Packet sniffing Introduction Cloud computing enable users to access and use resources like servers networks storage services and applications on remote servers by using internet Fig 1 shows cloud computing environment where cloud users use resources on cloud through network

Cloud providers make these resources available to users Services offered by cloud computing are software as a service SAAS user can use the application that is running on cloud of the provider Infrastructure as a service IAAS users can use any kind of infrastructure to run any application on that application can be operating system Platform as a service PAAS users can implement their application on cloud and run it Benefits provided by cloud are resources on demand pay per use user have to pay according to resources that are used it also reduces maintenance overhead Although many benefits are provided by cloud computing but it has some security problems Data security or business logic security As passage of time many attacks have been influencing the security of cloud and so cloud providers have to take security measures to prevent their cloud from such threats The second 1 most frequent attack after information left is DDOS attack More than 20 companies 2 reported at least one DDOs attack on their infrastructure DDOS attacks can affect two things 3 Bandwidth and Resources When affecting bandwidth attackers sent the large amount of traffic to target server to consume bandwidth so that legitimate users request cannot reach the server and while effecting resource the attacker send large amount of traffic to target resource so that it cannot response to legitimate user because of resource being busy in responding attackers requests The traffic sent by DDOS attackers is sometimes referred to as zombie army or botnet attacks Botnet is the combination of robot and network Some special viruses like trojan are installed on computers and a bot network is generated A host machine controls this network and attack is generated on a target server or resource Some companies sell or rent this zombie network to other users

Many techniques have been generated for detection of DDOS attacks but when attack is detected economical losses have occurred As DDOS attack leads to economic losses so it is also referred as EDOS attack EDOS attack is specific type of DDOS attack where the attackers intention is to provide economical loss to a particular cloud provider One of the techniques is discussed in 4 which involves involves increasing resources as their need increased But if resources are increasing for attackers then this may cause economic loss So some techniques are needed to prevent these attacks from using the or even accessing the resources Techniques should be generated that detect the packet before accessing resource to drop it or block it according to need This research proposal aims to prevent DDOS attacks in cloud computing by proposing techniques to detect DDOS attacks from spoofed IP addresses and DDOS attacks within the threshold level Two techniques i e Double TCP connection and packet sniffing to detect spoofed IP addresses will be used and Wireshark will be used to achieve packet sniffing And it will be examined later through experiments that which technique works better in detecting DDOS attacks Concept of Auto Scaling will be used to detect attacks within threshold

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