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Death penalty is the ultimate punishment it is referred to as capital punishment derived from a Latin word capital meaning the head and it usually involved hanging George 2008 There is no harsher punishment than death itself CITATION UKE15 l 1033 The Duhaim s Law Dictionary defines the death penalty as a sentence of death imposed on a convicted criminal it is the most severe form of corporal punishment as it requires law enforcement to end the life of the convicted offender CITATION Duh18 l 3081 This essay will firstly put an accent on opinions that settles the deterrence of the death penalty on murders The death penalty is a sentence on which many people do not have a clear decision on many supports and believe that it is deterrent to most cases of crimes and specifically murder Secondly I will discuss the ineffectiveness of the death penalty on murders rates Indeed others wish for the death penalty to be abolished as they consider it being an inhuman treatment and a violation of the primary human rights which is life my opinion on whether the death penalty is an effective deterrent to murder is going to be discussed in this paper as a matter of conclusion 

One argument for death penalty is that it is a strong deterrent to murder furthermore the reports on the murder s deterrence of the capital sentence have horrified death penalty opponents and several scientists who vigorously question the data and its implications for instance according to a 2003 American study by professors at Emory university each execution deters an average of 18 murders In contrast the Illinois U S A moratorium on executions in 2000 led to 150 additional homicides over four years CITATION Alf07 l 1033 According to a 2006 study by professors at university of Houston USA David Muhlhausen PhD Research Fellow in Empirical Policy Analysis at the Heritage Foundation stated the following in his Oct 4 2014 article Capital Punishment Works It Deters Crime CITATION Pro17 l 1033 Some crimes are so heinous and inherently wrong that they demand strict penalties up to and including life sentences or even death Most people worldwide recognize this principle as just Studies of the death penalty have reached various conclusions about its effectiveness in deterring crime The majority of studies that track effects over many years and across countries find a deterrent effect Moreover capital punishment it is an upright way of punishment bearing in mind that it averts further murder to happen society has always employed different kind of punishments in an effort to prevent potential criminals from committing homicide in other words humans learn by example so if we know that homicide might cost our life too I m certain that even if we have the best reason ever we will refrain ourselves for doing such 

The best way to prevent homicide is to use the strongest form of punishment and yet life imprisonment seem not to be effective in fact murders rates have jumped since death penalty have been abolished in South Africa The lex talionis state that one eye for one eye hence if a person kills that person should also be killed The death penalty violates the right to life which happens to be the most basic of all human rights It also violates the right not to be subjected to torture and other cruel inhumane degrading treatment or punishment Furthermore the death penalty undermines human dignity which is inherent to every human being Public support for the death penalty does not necessarily mean that taking away the life of a human being by the states is right There are undisputed historical precedencies where gross human rights violations had had the support of a majority of the people but which were condemned vigorously later on It is the job of leading figures and politicians to underline the incompatibility of capital punishment with human rights and human dignity It needs to be pointed out that public support for the death penalty is inextricably linked to the desire of the people to be free from crime However there exist more effective ways to prevent crime We all want to make sure that there is accountability for crime and an effective deterrent in place however the death penalty has a message of You killed one of us so we ll kill you

The states are actually using a murder to punish someone who committed a murder and does not that make sense in my opinion For those who don t feel much sympathy for a murderer they should keep in mind that death may be too good for murders With a death sentence the suffering is over in an instant but with life in prison the pain goes on for decades Prisoners are confined to a cage and live in an internal environment of rape and violence where they re treated as animals and consider as terrorists I think they d rather suffer the humiliation of lifelong prison than being martyred by a death sentence Taking Osama bin Laden as an example most of us would agree that between ending his life with a bullet that killed him instantly or a life of humiliation in an American prison the prison idea would be the better one CITATION Bal l 1033 Therefore I totally disagree and I am against the death penalty sentence Topic 1 Introduction 2 Death penalty is deterrent to murder 3 The death penalty violate the rights to life 4 Evaluation of pro and con death penalty and conclusion Bibliography CITATION UKE15 l 1033 Essays 2015 CITATION Duh18 l 3081 Anon n d CITATION Alf07 l 1033 Alfano 2007 CITATION Pro17 l 1033 Anon 2017 CITATION Bal l 1033 BalancedPolitics org n d

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