Essay Example on Defining Moments In Canadian History In the 20th Century









Defining Moments In Canadian History In the 20th century Canada had been numerable events fights and tough decisions that we call a defining moments These events and actions are what make Canada a strong independent and loved country today Canada's success and achievements have come from the brave patriots and other certain people which made Canada a much more stronger country Events such as Vimy Ridge D day and creation of Canadian flag all assisted defining Canada as a nation I agree that Vimy ridge event assisted defining Canada as a nation because it brought the world acceptance of bravery and also made Canada as an independent and true nation The battle of Vimy ridge took place at 5 30 a m on Easter Monday 1917 It was a battle strictly between the Canadian allies and Germans The triple entente alliance led by Great Britain went to help allies During the WW1 the Canada was a British colony To help the Britain the Prime Minister of Canada Robert Borden sent 30 000 soldiers for fight The France had tried to win the battle for three years but they were not successful After fews days of fighting Finally the Canadians did it in three days This showed other nation around the world that Canada had a strong military with brilliant combat techniques The victory of Vimy ridge battle brought pride to many Canadians soldiers In conclusion this helped Canada become its own free independent country so without the battle of Vimy Ridge Canada would still be a British colony 

Secondly D day event assisted defining Canada as a nation because this battle showed Canada as an extremely powerful country and should not be underestimated The Normandy Landings better known as D Day is the largest invasion in History The D day was occurred on June 6th 1944 The invasion of Northwest Europe was between the allied forces and Axis The objective was to rescue Europe from German control 14 000 Canadians troops arrived at Juno Beach where they made it on land before any of the other allies The military administrator gave Canada a main role to take one of the five designated beaches on D Day The Americans had Utah and Omaha beaches then came Britain at Gold and finally Canadians at Juno Beach Juno beach was the second most strongly defended beach at Normandy during the Allied Invasion 14 000 young Canadians stormed Juno Beach on D Day Their bravery self sacrifice and determination was the main reasons for the success over Juno Beach The battle was hard and threathining The battle cost 340 Canadians lives and another 574 wounded The well planned and complete attack on Juno Beach was an remarkable success for Canadians troops The victory over Juno Beach helped Canada to build nationalism and also gained international recognition The Canadians were highly respected for their contribution Finally the creation of Canadian flag assisted defining canada as a nation because it showed that the Canada was independent country and helped Canada by showing its separation from Britain It also provided Canadian Unity Creating Canadian flag was long and boring process Canada did not have its own national flag before 1965 Canada used to use Red Ensign As Canada gaining independence the government of Canada notice how their attachment to Britain affecting them The Canada used to get dragged by Britain in any decisions In July 1964 the Canadian Prime Minister Lester

 B Pearson brought up the concept of getting its own Canadian flag He believed that the Canadian maple leaf would truly reflect and symbolize a new Canada Together about 59 000 entries were sent to Ottawa Finally Stanley s design featured a single maple leaf on a white background It was surrounded with the two red bars on the left and right sides On January 28 1965 the flag was accepted by Queen Elizabeth II In conclusion because it created patriotic feelings and gives us a sense of independence the selection of Canadian flag is remembered as one of the most defining moment in Canadian History In conclusion in the battle of Vimy Ridge It brought the world recognition and also helped Canada to build nationalism It also makes Canada stand out as a nation The Invasion of Normandy was the turning points to end the WW2 I believed that the D DAY battle was the deciding factor to show that Canada is a an extremely powerful country The creation of Canadian flag was as much importance as D DAY Battle and Vimy Ridge battle because the Canadian flag gave us a national identity and also a sense of independence and no longer British Colony All these events had a great significance to shape the nation we are today Instead of doing nothing we should have a moment of silence for the patriots who lost their lives fighting the war

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