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CHEMISTRY RESEARCH PROJECT Green Chemistry and Environment Definition of Green Chemistry are products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances It applies across the life cycle of a chemical product including its design manufacture use and ultimate disposal Green Chemistry is also known as a sustainable type of chemistry They think keeping nature clean is the most important issue What s a purpose of Green Chemistry Amount of natural resources is decreasing in these circumstances people think they should leave nature for their descendents However they know it is impossible to leave it without any technology so they invented Green Chemistry to help sustain nature and make humans responsible for the damage they have caused Also Green Chemistry can prevent serious situations like natural disasters and minimize pollution Who are interested in improving the environment Usually people do not care about the environment because they do not see the long term effects Green Chemistry is not a popular topic around the world 

However this topic is being watched between chemists because there are endless topics and ideas for Green Chemistry

Many countries have started to enforce Green Chemistry policies Also a lot of companies are directly related with nature and pollution Many countries government have started to change their policy and it makes companies pay attention to this topic Also Green Chemistry is advantageous for everybody Who get benefits by Green Chemistry Green Chemistry is good for everyone Companies can get tax exemption benefits from the government and consumers can get more chemical information of the products they use so they can be more aware of the chemical composition What is advantage of Green Chemistry There are lots of advantages of Green Chemistry First of all if exploring alternative energy is successful people do not have to care about energy usage anymore A lot of companies have started to make products with alternative energy but there is still room for improvement to fix it and safety problems What is disadvantage of Green Chemistry One of the disadvantages of Green Chemistry is that it takes a long time to change old products to new products A company that is attempting to engage in Green Chemistry A lot of companies are attempting to engage in Green Chemistry and a lot of companies are involved in GC3 GC3 is the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council it is a Green Chemistry organization and the purpose of this organization is to make products without damaging natural resources Famous companies that are involved in this organization are Apple HP Inc Dell Walmart Etc 

They get advantages from Green Chemistry because if they are involved in this organization they have many advantages because the government gives tax breaks when they make the products if they are involved in the Green Chemistry organization GC3 is composed of companies who want to protect the environment and make good products When do we start to prosecute It started during the 1990s The U S A proclaimed an anti pollution bill The U S A made this law because they think pollution problems are serious in their country and they notice that nature is finited So they started to develop Green Chemistry to sustain their nature and they could develop their technology through Green Chemistry 12 principle of Green Chemistry 12 principle of Green Chemistry is important because these principles demonstrate the breadth of the concept of Green Chemistry 1 All materials should be used in the final product as much as possible 2 They should develop the way to make the products with less harmful chemicals 3 Products should enable to keep the functions but be less toxic 4 Try not to use solvents and it should be innocuous 5 Compound materials should be preceded in room temperature to not waste unnecessary energies 6 They should use sustainable materials if that is possible technically and economically 7 In synthesis process unnecessary derivatization process should be removed 8 It is better to use catalyst than use stoichiometric reagent 9

 Chemical products should decompose without any harmful chemicals 10 To prevent waste is better than to clean up the waste afterwards 11 They should develop the technique to overwatch in real time and stop making the harmful materials 12 Materials should be chosen to avoid chemical accidents What s an example of Green Chemistry Computer chips Many chemicals and energy are required to make a computer chip However the companies start to make computer chips through Green Chemistry https www acs org content acs on green chemistry what is green chemistry examples html Medicine Medicine part is most related with chemistry Medicine should be harmless so we should develop techniques to invent the way to make medicines with 

Green Chemistry https www acs org content acs on green chemistry what is green chemistry examples html Paint Paint is most chemical base products These days chemicals of paint is making a lot of environmental impacts so scientists start to make paints with Green Chemistry https www acs org content acs on green chemistry what is green chemistry examples html Vision of Green Chemistry Many companies scientist professors and governments are co operating to make an alternative energy for our future life The main idea of Green Chemistry is to protect our nature and to develop industry at the same time People should know how to protect the Earth it is easy but hard The way is that they have to give more attention to environmental problems and nature Green Chemistry is the best way to protect nature Work Cited

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