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Deforestation Deforestation is the cleaning of a land and convert the forest into non forest use such as farmhouses cited golf club and so on Most of the deforestation happen in the rainforest They are several reason deforestation occur such as business purpose agriculture purpose or constructive purpose The trees that had chopped down can use building furniture papers and more People can earn a lots of money by selling wood Nowadays a lots of illegal logging happen and the forest is damaged seriously Plant can be chop down easily but have to grow for tens years Burning fertilizer fields is a primitive farming technique that is widely used in most parts of the world In order to use the timber deforestation is largely deforested the destruction of the original forest caused by the destruction of the field For grazing to ensure large scale farmland and open up the forest Recreation facilities such as ski resort development Due to acid rain led to the trees dry Besides the global warming caused by the forest dry Forests are very important to all the living things Forests play an irreplaceable role in human existence and have the reputation of the lungs of the earth as they absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide and continuously create the oxygen needed by humans and other living things The forest is an oxygen factory a dust filter a natural reservoir and a natural air conditioner Forests bring us endless benefits The forest is also the basis for the sustained rapid and healthy development of the entire national economy It plays an irreplaceable role in the national economic construction Once the forest had been destroyed it will cause several problem 1 

Soil and water loss After the deforestation bare land cannot stand the sun and the wind In sunny weather due to the sun exposure the ground temperature rises and the process of dissolving organic matter into soluble mineral elements is accelerated In rainy days rain is directly impacted and the fertile topsoil is brought into the rivers with mineral elements 2 Sediment deposition blocking the reservoir river When the flood comes the water and the sand each occupy half Due to siltation the riverbed in some parts of the lower reaches of the river is 12 meters above the land outside the embankment seriously threatening the lives and property of the people 3 Environmental deterioration frequent disasters The forest was destroyed so that some rare animals lost their breeding base The animals there will be hard to survive Animals are on the verge of extinction due to the destruction of habitats 4 Oxygen less and less more and more sets of dioxide The lack of oxygen supply but also less natural filters Ecological environment is occupied the laws of ecological cycle has been destroyed The temperature will change resulting in unstable changes in the climate After the felling of trees waste will be burned resulting in environmental pollution Owing to the massive deforestation there is a widespread problem of burning firewood in rural areas in our country This kind of situation enables peasants to use all organic energy such as straw straw wormwood and the like as firewood to deactivate the organic matter and to deteriorate soil conditions

Undermining the rural ecological balance In arid areas over harvesting can easily lead to desertification In arid and desert areas plant growth is slow As the demand for firewood in population growth continues to increase the number of deforested trees is on an unprecedented decline Natural drought tolerant and cold tolerant plants in many arid deserts Is being consumed or even extinct at an alarming rate and if this phenomenon is not stopped the consequences will be disastrous Second is the imbalance of climate laws The lack of oxygen supply but also less of a windbreak sand barrier The ecological environment is accounted for the biosphere laws have been destroyed Temperatures will rise creating an irregular climate change 5 Global Warming Greenhouse effect The increase of greenhouse effect caused by human activities is the main factor The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that the Earth's climate is warming We all know that our human inhales oxygen and emits carbon dioxide Carbon dioxide can absorb the long wave radiation on the ground just like a large cotton covered in mid air so that the atmosphere is getting warmer making the Earth's average temperature is higher and higher which is the greenhouse effect

People living in the north may say that what's wrong with global warming We do not have to wear a thick coat in winter In fact the greenhouse effect has no harm to humans The first is that the natural ecology will change desertification of land the return of the forest to the polar regions increased rainfall wetter winters in summer more drought in summer increased drought and flood disasters the tropics will be extremely hot and hard for human beings to survive Second the melting of polar ice in large areas and the rising sea level will make one third of the world's population living in the coastal areas homeless Many of the world s port cities are submerged in the ocean The causes of the greenhouse effect making the excessive increase of carbon dioxide in the air due to the rapid population growth rapid industrial growth then there is excessive deforestation Industrial growth has caused serious air pollution and deforestation ruins human oxygen depots forests absorb carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen through photosynthesis and human beings endlessly deforestation the result is rock and roll themselves to the feet

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